Cam Newton could be benched again today

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was benched last week against the 49ers. It could happen again today at Buffalo.

Via Jay Glazer of FOX, the Patriots are concerned about the number of mistakes Newton has made in the last two games, which could get him removed again today.

Newton has repeatedly acknowleged this week that he needs to play better. At one point, he scoffed at the notion that he has “brain fog” associated with his recent case of COVID-19. If, however, he’s making mental errors, it’s possibly not a factor that should be completely disregarded.

Newton’s passing efficiency consistently has dropped this

Either way, the 2-4 Patriots face a critical game today at Buffalo. If New England can find a way to win, they’re back in the running. If they lose and fall to 2-5, it could be over or close to it for the Pats.

13 responses to “Cam Newton could be benched again today

  1. If New England can find a way to win, they’re back in the running.

    Wishful thinking. I’m sure they’ll be in the running next week when they’re 2-6.

  2. As he should be. He has looked amazingly mediocre after his first few weeks. Almost like he has ran out of gas already.

  3. If anyone watched him last few years in carolina he will make a huge splash play 10 % of the time and terrible plays the other 90% but he usually makes good espn highlights

  4. Cam was available for a reason, and that was because every single team had concerns about his throwing ability, and those concerns were justified. BB is going to ride Cam as far as possible in this rebuilding/reset year as they continue to try and develop Stidham without tossing him to the wolves. I don’t think Cam will make it all 16 weeks I could see the Patriots releasing him by week 12, and then let Stidham get some starting experience those last 4 weeks. Either way it’s obvious to everyone including ownership that it would be impossible to get Stidham up to speed in a year that has seen more time spent at home then on the practice field, so why force him in there and risk ruining the guys confidence

  5. Fail! Fire Belichick. No plan at quarterback besides tanking for the top ten pick

  6. Shouldn’t have been signed in the first place. Dude has been breaking down for awhile now.

  7. Guarantee CM will cry hidden shoulder injury when it is all said and done. It can’t possibly be lack of ability…

  8. Last year at this time the Pats were rolling on defense and bringing in Antonio Brown. There was chatter on an undefeated season. Now Brady and the Bucs are dominating and bringing in AB. How much difference a year makes. Brady new they no longer had the talent and plan so he moved to Plan TB12.

  9. Lighten up people! There is a reason we signed him so cheap!

    Any honest pats fan would say it was a risk. It’s evident his arm is shot. He looks like a pitcher that elected to not have TJ surgery. His delivery is 6-12 over the top and doesn’t look good

  10. It’s really interesting how much blame Cam gets when he has no weapons around him. Don’t understand that

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