Raiders beat Browns in defensive struggle

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On a windy day in Cleveland, neither the Raiders nor the Browns could get much going on offense today. But Las Vegas did just enough to put 10 points on the board in the fourth quarter and pull out a 16-6 win.

Both quarterbacks struggled in the elements, with Derek Carr completing 15 of 24 passes for 112 yards, and Baker Mayfield completing 12 of 25 passes for 122 yards. But Carr was able to find Hunter Renfrow in the end zone for the game’s only touchdown, while Mayfield and the Browns’ offense fell short.

Both teams also had missed field goals that the wind significantly affected. The elements made this game ugly.

In one of the few offensive bright spots, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs hit the 100-yard mark.

Olivier Vernon had a big day for the Browns, sacking Carr twice. Jarvis Landry made a few big plays for an otherwise dreadful Browns passing game.

The win improves the Raiders’ record to 4-3 while the Browns fall to 5-3. Both of these teams are playoff contenders in the AFC wild card race, but this looked uglier than playoff football.

12 responses to “Raiders beat Browns in defensive struggle

  1. Carr actually played well today. Saying he struggled showed how clueless you are. Of course the elements played a big part of not being able to take strikes, but ignore how he gutted out big plays. If it was one of the leagues darlings you’d be drooling over how he picked up some key 1st downs.

  2. Browns were completely outclassed by a mediocre opponent on both offense and defense. No fight in them at any point. The march to 8-8 is well underway

  3. Raiders played the game perfectly. Eat clock, get 1st downs. That was smart football. And Ruggs was in !

  4. Pitiful. Well we can see the Browns have quit on the season already after losing a player for the year who did very little to help us in the first place.

    Would be nice if we had a QB with even a tiny amount of desire and passion to win. Baker is just like OBJ, doesn’t want to be in CLE. They think they are too good but can never win anything that matters LOL.

    Can’t wait to see what QB we draft next year.

    Maybe one that can play in cold weather (it is CLE after all) and is over 6 foot? Just a thought, it might help.

  5. A win is a win

    Crab all you want. You can’t take that away. Maybe you can cry more next week when the stupid chargers blow another lead

    This time vs a raider team led by a 19 time come from behind QB.

  6. Raiders are 4-3…with only two winning teams left on their schedule, they might be able to finish better than 8-8 this year.

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