Trent Brown’s hospitalization arose from IV mishap

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The Trent Brown situation has gotten a little more serious, and it’s no surprise why players like quarterback Derek Carr were concerned. It’s also no surprise why someone like coach Jon Gruden would downplay the situation.

According to NFL Media, Brown’s hospitalization resulted from a mishap with his pregame IV. Apparently, air entered his bloodstream, requiring immediate medical attention. He will stay overnight for further testing and observation.

It is definitely a cause for concern. An air embolism can be life-threatening.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brown’s representatives will be demanding a full and complete investigation via the NFL Players Association.

Brown recently missed time due to COVID-19. This appears to be an entirely separate and unrelated situation.

UPDATE 7:39 p.m. ET: The NFLPA already has commenced an investigation, per a source with knowledge of the situation.

12 responses to “Trent Brown’s hospitalization arose from IV mishap

  1. Goodell.

    When a death occurs from Covid19 during the winter, even beyond a gaffe like this, it should be interesting to see what the PR looks like.

  2. Yeah, ok. How do you even know Jon Gruden knew the details of the mishap? He’s the coach, not the team doctor or spokesman. But yeah, Gruden TOTALLY downplayed it.

  3. I’ve always said the Raiders have worst team doctors/trainers in sports. Outside of Renfrow last year (who was supposed to miss the last 4 games of the season but came back after 2), there is misdiagnosis after diagnosis. Whatever a players expected missed games is, they usually end up missing more than was expected. It’s been like this for at least a decade. It seems like they have a new head physician this year, so same ole same ole.

  4. Of course Gruden is going to downplay it, it’s a medical issue and there’s laws that have to be abided by! But get well big Trent,your going to be needed on our playoff run.

  5. A little air in an iv line is not an issue or concern. It had to have been a big time screw up to have that much air in the line.

  6. With this and Tyrod’s mishap, maybe it’s time for the medical people to do a little more training.

  7. First the Chargers with Tyrod Taylor, now this guy with the Raiders??? What’s going on with NFL doctors and needles these days?

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