Bruce Arians on Antonio Brown: “We’re kind of excited about it”

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The Buccaneers won’t have receiver Antonio Brown at practice until Wednesday, and he won’t play until Sunday night. But as they prepare to face the Giants on Monday night without Brown, coach Bruce Arians looked forward to A.B.’s arrival.

Asked by Lisa Salters of ESPN to explain the difference in his attitude toward Brown a couple of months ago (Arians didn’t want Brown) and now, Arians was blunt and pragmatic.

“We were real healthy a couple of months ago, and the injuries we’ve gone through with our receiver corps, we just needed some insurance,” Arians said. “And when you’re losing Pro Bowl players, very seldom can you ever replace them with one, and somebody that I think’s gonna buy in and adapt to what we wanna do. So we pulled the trigger, and we’re kind of excited about it.”

They should be. Brown can still play at a high level; his on-field performance has never been an issue. Other things have derailed his career.

Other things still may. For now, though, Brown has his latest second chance. However long it lasts, it should go well.

12 responses to “Bruce Arians on Antonio Brown: “We’re kind of excited about it”

  1. Wait’ll they figure out Antonio Brown thinks he’s been playing hockey the whole time.

  2. Brown’s been living in a wing of Brady’s mansion, working out with him, until Brady found the right time to get him on the team.

  3. B A is a sellout. One minute he doesn’t want AB the next minute he’s signing him.

  4. He said a few months ago he wouldnt be a good fit for their locker room, DIVA he said.
    Okay coach

  5. Technically, I guess Brown’s “on field” performance wouldn’t include blowing off a week of practice before a must-win final game of the season, or yucking it up while live-streaming the head coaches post-game speech, but it sure isn’t off field either.

  6. “buy in and adapt” OK then. Those 3 words are not in Antonio’s vocabulary.

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