Emmanuel Ogbah: Key to Dolphins win was attacking Jared Goff

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Dolphins safety Eric Rowe heard enough about the Rams Defense last week and wanted to change the topic to his team on Sunday.

Rowe said after Sunday’s 28-17 win over the Rams that “people keep sleeping on our defense,” but their performance on Sunday likely woke people up. They forced four turnovers by quarterback Jared Goff, sacked him twice, hit him eight times and knocked away a dozen of his passes over the course of the afternoon.

Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah forced a Goff fumble that turned into a touchdown and said that the focus on defense was making sure the quarterback never got comfortable.

“The key to the game was just attack Jared Goff,” Ogbah said, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “As a defense we did a good job rushing them, rushing coverage, going head to head, rolling all them boys back.”

It’s not the first time Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has put Goff in such a predicament. He ran the Patriots Defense that held the Rams to three points in Super Bowl LIII and the two games make it clear he has a strong strategy for dealing with the Rams quarterback.

10 responses to “Emmanuel Ogbah: Key to Dolphins win was attacking Jared Goff

  1. Wasn’t it just last week Goff was talking about winning a Super Bowl? The Rams need another quarterback if they want to do that.

    Expect other people to follow Flores’ game plan against Goff from now on.

  2. Just wait until McVay gets a quarterback he doesn’t have to make his entire game plan around “How do I keep Jared Goff from costing us the game?”

  3. itsamadmadmadmadworld says:
    November 2, 2020 at 8:18 am

    Expect other people to follow Flores’ game plan against Goff from now on.

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    This exactly. This is what happened after the Super Bowl. People used Belichick’s plan against the Rams and they were terrible most of the year. Seems like McVay did his homework and was having some success until someone else came up with a plan to beat it. Hopefully it doesn’t take him another full season to add new wrinkles.

  4. Goff was exposed for what most knew. Though the heat played a role in the Ram’s loss, Goof can’t handle pressure. He looks like a deer in the headlights at time and not at all confident after taking a few hits. Just doesn’t have that presence of a strong willed QB.

  5. Not a shock, coming off a Monday night game against the Bears…flying into 90 degree weather, with 80% humidity, playing a team coming off a bye… the ball/hands are obviously slick…tip enough, hit when you throw, that’s gonna happen…all I can say is the if Miami thinks their going anywhere with that putrid Offense, they better think again…

  6. Defense was on fire yesterday and came to play! Just gotta get that offense going with Tua. FINS UP

  7. Got to give the Dolphins credit they beat up my Rams but that being said the Tams played horrible and still got over 400 plus yards so don’t beat your chest to much Miami but great win.

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