Hollywood Brown apparently isn’t happy with his role

Getty Images

Pro football in a pandemic grossly limits the ability of media to get fresh, unvarnished, and unrehearsed reactions to the game that was just played. So the fresh, unvarnished, and unrehearsed reactions come from other places.

One potential source continues to be the twitter feed of a disgruntled player.

Via Bleacher Report, Ravens receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown posted this message on Twitter after Sunday’s loss to the Steelers: “What’s the point of having souljas when you never use them? (Never!!)”

Brown had 101 receiving yards in Week One against the Browns. Since then, he’s had 42, 13, 86, 77, 57, and on Sunday only three.

Last year, Brown also had his only 100-yard game in Week One and then saw his production dip. He had one yard in a win over the 49ers and minus-2 in a win over the Bills.

The key word is “wins.” Victory makes players far less likely to complain about their roles. Defeat combined with limited opportunities inevitably results in complaints.

The tweet was deleted but the sentiment likely wasn’t. And that’s one of the challenges of maintaining a run-heavy offense (265 yards on Sunday). Free agents with options will opt to avoid the Ravens, and draft picks will become disillusioned as they see peers flourish elsewhere.