Javon Wims retaliated after Chauncey Gardner-Johnson took his mouthpiece

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Bears wide receiver Javon Wims was ejected and may be suspended for sucker-punching Saints cornerback Chauncey Gardner-Johnson during Sunday’s game. At first, the attack appeared completely unprovoked. But it appears that Wims was retaliating for something Gardner-Johnson had done on the previous possession.

On the Bears’ first possession of the second half, Wims and Gardner-Johnson were talking after a play when Gardner-Johnson grabbed Wims’ mouthpiece off his facemask and threw it to the ground. Wims left the game and didn’t return for the rest of the possession.

It was the first play of the Bears’ next possession when Wims retaliated, first grabbing Gardner-Johnson’s mouthpiece and then punching Gardner-Johnson in the helmet twice. So although it appeared unprovoked and approximately 11 minutes had passed, Wims was retaliating at the first opportunity he had to confront Gardner-Johnson.

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, Wims also told Bears officials after the incident that Gardner-Johnson had spit on him.

Obviously, Wims’ retaliation was excessive and inappropriate, and he deserved to get ejected. But Gardner-Johnson probably would have been penalized if the officials had seen him grab Wims’ mouthpiece, and he’s likely facing league discipline, too.

32 responses to “Javon Wims retaliated after Chauncey Gardner-Johnson took his mouthpiece

  1. Completely undisciplined and I blame Nagy for that.

    The Stupidity Meter is spiking higher and higher each week. Penalties, mismanagement of the clock, drops, etc.

    I had high hopes for Nagy but he’s in way over his head.

    Back to Wims, what an idiot. He took your mouth piece? Grow the hell up and do it on another team. What an embarrassment.

  2. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a player do in a football game…
    if he is that easily provoked and prone to such stupid actions, he should be released!

  3. There’s no place for that in football, but I can’t really blame the guy. Plus Gardner-Johnson appeared to do some punk like move on Anthony Miller earlier, where he stuck his finger inside Miller’s helmet. Complete B.S. stuff. There’s no place in football for that stuff either. I hope the league discourages that, too. So Wims will be suspended, but his teammates will love him.

  4. Doubt there’s anything coming CJGJ’s way. Then again, he does play for the Saints so on second thought…Saints lose two 1st round draft picks, suspend coaches and GM for the season and 6 games for the team captains for allowing it to happen.

  5. CJGJ poked Miller’s face and ripped off Wims’ mouthpiece. At some point of course there is retaliation. Wouldn’t have been necessary if the refs or Payton disciplined him first. That never happens though. That being said, what a stupid penalty.

  6. Its Discipline, plain and simple… was the CJGJ move a jerk move ???

    ABSOLUTELY… but that happens in every, single, solitary level of football.

    And the rule is…. DONT RETALIATE… since they generally only catch that, and it hurts the team.

    I coach Youth football now, after many seasons of High School, and its the same. You can’t let the player get too emotional about retaliation… since it will hurt the team in the long run.

    Somebody should have calmed Wilson down on the sideline… and/or Wilson should have been a man enough about it to let it go.

  7. chmba says:
    November 2, 2020 at 10:56 am
    Its what happens when 2 really bad teams play each other

    5-2 is really bad?

  8. No surprise that a guy with a hyphenated name would steal a mouth guard. If true he deserved a punch.

  9. Funny part is Wimms hit him as hard as he could and I don’t think Chauncey even noticed. What a weak idiot.

  10. Wims hurt his team, but that Saints dude is a PUNK. His OWN teammate PUNCHED HIM OUT. And something tells me Wims and Michael Thomas won’t be the last dudes to fist up with this punk.

  11. Whatever, if he was really spit on – then it’s on, on-site. Period. 22 wanted some smoke and he messed with the wrong guy

  12. So now he’s justified in throwing sucker punches because a guy took his mouthpiece? No.

    If those events did happen then I hope the league punishes CGJ and referees keep a better eye on stuff like that from now on. I can see something like that being a 15-yard penalty? Excessive? Maybe. However, what does that have to do with a football play. There’s no place in the game for stupid stuff like that…and sucker punches.

  13. Javon Wims must have had his “pacifier” taken from him to many times when he was a baby

  14. Javon, if you are going to do something like that do it after a third down stop….not on first down.

    Also, make the first punch count. (again, IF you are going to do it).

  15. What Wims did does not belong to football, but Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is a tool nevertheless. Coming from a Saints fan.

  16. Officials don’t nip things in the bud in-game and then we wonder why this stuff happens. The league goes easy on dangerous, player-injuring plays (like what happened to Dalton) and we wonder why so many players keep getting injured and concussed.

    The lack of discipline is out of hand in the league and it starts at the HQ.

  17. What is up with Gardner Johnson? Feel like I remember him provoking some stuff like tihs last year late in the season. Then his own damn teammate decked him. And now this? Like, if people just keep wanting to punch you, maybe you’re the punk.

  18. Gardner-Johnson sticking his finger into a helmet and trying to poke a player in the eye deserves an equally stern punishment. I doubt the Saints will do anything though.

  19. Taking G-J’s mouthpiece and talking trash to him would be retaliating. Punching him multiple times in the head is more accurately called escalating.

  20. Whatever, if he was really spit on – then it’s on, on-site. Period.

    Agreed but I am not sure why he waited 11 minutes.

  21. The funniest part is that Wims sat for 11 minutes contemplating his revenge on the sideline.

  22. It’s still absolutely hilarious knowing that Wims was infuriated for an entire eleven minutes while on the sideline.

  23. As a Saints fan, I’ve seen Gardener Johnson do some stuff. He is th reason Michael Thomas got suspended by Coach Payton for a game for instigating a fight. He has this habit of provoking players to get them off their game. Soone or later, they will find out that is how he psychs them out. I’m not saying it’s right, but I have seen it happen.

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