Jimmy Garoppolo to miss time with ankle injury

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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is back on the shelf with a high-ankle sprain.

Garoppolo was limping on the field before he left Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks after the third quarter and head coach Kyle Shanahan said they’d know more about his condition on Monday. The news was not positive.

According to multiple reports, Garoppolo will miss an indefinite amount of time with the injury. He missed two games earlier this season due to a high-ankle sprain and did not look fully recovered when he first returned to the lineup in Week 5. Things looked better in back-to-back wins, but Garoppolo struggled against Seattle before leaving the game.

Nick Mullens replaced him and threw for 238 yards and two touchdowns during the fourth quarter. He’ll likely start against the Packers Thursday night with C.J. Beathard behind him as the backup.

14 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo to miss time with ankle injury

  1. Jimmy appears to be made out of glass. He just is not durable enough to build a team around and that is becoming painfully obvious.

  2. The 49ers appear to be made out of glass. All of their star players, Nick Bosa, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Raheem Mostert and Garroppolo all miss significant time due to injury.

  3. I hate to say it, but I doubt Jimmy G plays again this season. Wonder if the 49ers make a play for Rodgers or Prescott in the offseason.

  4. Tom Brady did Bill a solid forcing the trade a few years back. Otherwise, Bill would be constantly juggling Jimmy Glass’s injuries instead of going to a few more Super Bowls. Of course, Tom is out of the building now and can no longer make up for Bill’s mistakes.

  5. Is his current injury to the same ankle he injured earlier in the season? Curious if they brought him back too soon.

  6. Time to go get Kirk. He’s the missing piece. Make it happen Kyle. Can prob just swap 6 rd picks and call it good since they Vikes want that contract gone.

  7. Is his contract even movable? Think most of the bad teams rather take a Lawrence or Fields. Jimmy is almost 30 and is not the guy so he will be a stop gap for most teams. Not as bad as Matt Ryan but yeah doubt he gets moved.

  8. Well, I guess the love for John Lynch will be tested. How hard is it really to be a GM of a team full of young talent, multiple high draft picks etc. That ship was built way before Lynch arrived. Also, what’s the big deal with Saleh. The defensive coach gets more media time during 49er games than the head coach. Again, with all those draft picks and young talent of the defensive side of the ball. Rex Ryan could coach that bunch. Both overrated
    and over exposed.

  9. I wonder….Are there still people out there who think the Pats should have dumped Brady for Jimmy G?

  10. That many Niners getting injured can’t be a coincidence. I don’t know if they didn’t train right or well enough, or if they’re being asked to do things that put extra stress on ankles and knees, but this has got to be some kind of record. Most of their starters have been injured.

  11. Jimmy is the Swarovski Crystal of the NFL – a sparkly expensive thing that shatters easily but always a hit with the ladies.

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