Lamar Jackson’s stats have declined significantly from MVP season

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Last year, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was unanimously elected as the league MVP. This year, he’s not the same player.

Jackson’s stats are down across the board, both passing and running, in his second full season as the Ravens’ starting quarterback.

Jackson averaged 7.8 yards per pass in 2019. He averages 7.1 yards per pass in 2020.

Jackson completed 66.1 percent of his passes in 2019. He’s completing 60.5 percent of his passes in 2020.

Jackson threw for an NFL-best 36 touchdown passes and threw for touchdowns on 9 percent of his passes last season. This season he has thrown just 12 touchdown passes and is throwing touchdowns on 6.3 percent of his passes.

Jackson threw interceptions on 1.5 percent of his passes last season. He’s throwing interceptions on 2.1 percent of his passes this season.

Jackson was sacked 23 times for 106 yards lost in 15 games last season. He has been sacked 19 times for 108 yards lost in just seven games this season.

Jackson had a 113.3 passer rating and an 82.3 QBR last season. He has a 94.3 passer rating and 61.6 QBR this season.

Jackson picked up a first down on 40 percent of his passes last season. He is picking up a first down on 37 percent of his passes this season.

Jackson averaged 80.4 rushing yards per game, 6.9 yards per carry and a first down on 40 percent of his rushes last season. Jackson is averaging 58.7 rushing yards per game 6.2 yards per carry and a first down on 27 percent of his rushes this season.

All of this is happening in an offensive environment that has been better overall: Most quarterbacks are putting up better numbers in 2020 than they did in 2019. But Jackson’s numbers are worse. Significantly worse.

50 responses to “Lamar Jackson’s stats have declined significantly from MVP season

  1. Well there was no way he could have kept that pace up over multiple seasons..every time a dual-threat QBs comes along and supposedly revolutionizes the game, this is usually what happens (save maybe Russ but he’s not running as much as he used to).

  2. Jackson has been figured out by coordinators and he’s not a good enough passer to overcome that.

  3. RGIII 2.0. His entire game revolves around the read option run. When that fails, he fails. Not to mention last season he played behind the best offensive line I’ve seen in my life. He won’t have that luxury his entire career.

  4. He’s a great athlete however not a true QB, nobody wanted to hear this in 2019 and then came the playoff game.

  5. Isn’t this what everyone said would happen when it comes to the style of offense they are running? Once teams get enough film on it they would adjust.

  6. its almost like he was a short lived wonder like every single mobile QB before him.

  7. Imagine being 5-2 and people still trying to find stuff to complain about. I’m a Cowboys fan and I’d take Jackson as my QB right now.

  8. Defenses have started to figure him out.

    And the honest truth, he doesn’t throw the football that well. He is not accurate and his athletic abilities are only going to do so much in the NFL.

  9. He’s gotta play better, make better decisions with the football. No ifs ands or buts about it, from a Ravens fan. I still believe in him, but he’s gotta be better.

  10. The other 31 teams are paying people a lot of money to figure these guys out, and come up with a plan to, maybe not shut them down but, limit their effectiveness. In Jackson’s case, take away his ability to run, and he’s fairly one dimensional. Don’t get me wrong, he will still have good games, but most other teams adapt pretty well to QBs that think run first. Just like the play on 4th down near the end of the game. When I saw they spread all the receivers out, I told someone, he’s gonna run it. If I’m sitting in my living room and know that, you don’t think the other team knows it?

  11. Watch enough film of someone and DC’s are able to create a game plan that highlights the mistakes/weaknesses of most players. Classic example is Rick Mirer. The guy was good his first year, year 2 his weakness came to light: he couldn’t throw to his left that well, so teams made him do it. Same thing might be happening to Jackson now (whatever his equivalent might be).

  12. Cam Newton part 2, 1 good season and everyone makes these guys out to be HOFamers!

  13. Free Hollywood! Guy has been missed on so many big plays its ridiculous..
    Might as well trade for an OL/RB because they aren’t committed to passing anyway.

  14. Wow that’s crazy. Almost like a mysterious person with a bluetooth device was relaying signals but then no longer could. This can’t be true though, they don’t play games in Foxboro.

  15. Ravens fans are not surprised. We expect bumps in the road and look forward to the journey to the Superbowl. Remember when Joe wasn’t elite, maybe Lamar isn’t either,but he’s surely more than capable of taking this team to the Superbowl and future teams as well.

  16. What a clown, how long have you been waiting for this story? Bc before the Steelers game all his stats were actually UP on average

  17. This comparison is flawed. You should be measuring him against RB stats, not QB stats

  18. Teams are challenging him to be beat them with his arm. It’s crazy how close to the line safeties are playing. They don’t fear him going over the top at all. He has really regressed as a passer this season.

  19. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like Baltimore has built their entire offense around him.

  20. The NFL always figures the latest trends quickly. The Wildcat and running QBs to name a couple. Other than Russell Wilson, they don’t have a long shelf life. And Wilson has a legit arm and is a throw first QB….

  21. Lamar Jackson won his MVP award when he was 21 years old. He’s still a baby. He’ll grow up to be a big time major league QB. He’s already won a lot of games, and accomplished a lot. It takes 4 or 5 years to blossom, in many cases. It took Steve Young at least that long. When you have the physical gifts that these guys have, sometimes it’s hard to stand in the pocket and take shots. I remember Steve Young’s career like it was yesterday. Tampa Bay didn’t trade him to S.F. because he was winning MVP’s. He was struggling t find his groove. He really didn’t become a great QB until Mike Shanahan got ahold of him. I remember one game Young had a bum ankle and couldn’t move. It was the best game he ever played. It forced him to use his head instead of his feet.

  22. A lot of hate for a guy that had his team almost beating the Steelers. Yeah he threw some bad passes but you still do have to stop the other guys running the ball. Not to mention the injuries that didn’t help. Will we still be saying the same thing when we meet up this thanksgiving? Lamara did lead the league last yr in passing tds not bad for a rb. Us ravens fans knew there would be a learning curve. I will take this 5-2 we will be in the playoffs.

  23. Last year they did everything possible to pad his stats and it worked, but that’s all they were is padded stats. It’s not sustainable from year to year particularly when the opponent is game planning against it.

  24. As much fun as it seems to be piling on the young man I won’t do that. Everything I have seen is a quiet, hardworking guy and I hope he continues the hard work so he can bounce back.

  25. The hate for Lamar is real. Yes he regressed and he’s a run first QB but they lose their LT their RG retired. Many other QBs are having O line trouble this season but yet people like to criticize him. Ravens better get it right and prove you guys wrong

  26. When everyone said Lamar Jackson was useless as NFL QB and he should “settle” on being a wideout or whatever, I said let the coaching on the throws happen and he’ll turn out to be steal of the draft given where Ravens came along to find him still there.

    Then, last year, when everyone said Lamar was Perfection I said “wait ’till defenses get tape on this guy and he’ll come back to earth.”

    Now the Lamar Sucks Train is getting ready to roll out the station again I see. What I said two years ago is still true – Lamar is steal of his draft for QB’s. Not the Second Coming, probably not even best QB in his draft (Mahomes takes that ticket looks like), but easily the no-brainer pick given how far he fell.

  27. You forgot his completion percentage outside the numbers. 56%. Second worst in the league. Oh, wait. He was always bad at that.

  28. Great athlete who wants to run first, pass second. Last time I checked all of the great QB’s over the years have been great passers first. Lamar, when forced to pass, is exposed, and now teams know how to defend him effectively. Think he’s stalled now in his progress, unless he improves his ability to complete the pass.

  29. Some of the people dunking on Jackson are probably the same ones that bagged on Mahomes last season for not putting up the same numbers he did to win league MVP the year before.

    Look how that turned out.

  30. The most telling stat is his postseason record. If he can stay in the league long enough he is a serious contender to break Peyton’s record for nine one-and -dones

  31. Steelers kept him in the pocket & that is the way to stop his one-dimensional play. He’ll beat most teams w/ average D’s but will fail miserably when he is facing a deficit. He also shows a lot of pouting immaturity as well, when things don’t go his way. Not exactly a leadership quality.

  32. that turned out to be a game where Lamar needed to protect the ball and be more of a game manager, but he never seems to have that approach. Who would guess that Ravens would dominate offensively (first time in NFL that a team ran for 200 yds more, passed for more yds and lost!). Lamar’s turnovers and team’s penalties sunk the Ravens in a game they should have won. Lamar has regressed and he has to turn it around – time will tell

  33. I’ve watched every Ravens’ game and it feels less like opponents have more tape on in him (although I’m sure it’s a factor) and more like he is lacking the patience he showed last year and forcing plays. He also seems to be sidearming throws even when he doesn’t need to to get around d-linemen,etc which is leading to some throws I know he’d like back. We all know the talent and enough of the right mentality is there for the kid. But their QB coach needs to settle him down and reiterate some fundamentals with him.

  34. This is surprising to no one. I said this midway through last year… he’s inaccurate, poor throwing mechanics, makes bad reads, and turns it over way too much. But yes, he’s a heck of an athlete and wows us from time to time as a runner.
    That is not a winning formula for a Super Bowl, playoff game, or consistent offense in general. Sorry. But this is not a surprise at all that the Ravens offense and Lamar’s performance are near the bottom of the NFL.

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