Monday Night Football: Buccaneers stop two-point conversion to hold on in 25-23 win over Giants

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Antoine Winfield Jr. broke up a two-point conversion pass from Daniel Jones to Dion Lewis that saw a flag for pass interference picked up by the officials as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held on for a 25-23 victory over the New York Giants on Monday night.

Jones was late in getting the pass out to Lewis on the two-point try and threw the ball on Lewis’ back shoulder. Winfield made slight contact with Lewis before the ball arrived and the flag thrown on the play was ultimately waved off after a conference of the officials. Tampa Bay then recovered the ensuing onside kick to get out of New York with the two point victory.

It was just the ninth time an NFL game has ended in a 25-23 final score. The exact same result happened when these two teams met in 2018 as the Buccaneers won a 25-23 final against the Giants in Tampa.

The Giants built a surprising early lead over one of the favorites to win the NFC only to see it slip a way in the second half.

Jones’ two interceptions in the second half allowed Tom Brady and the Buccaneers to rally from a 14-3 deficit to claim a 25-23 victory over the Giants.

Brady wasn’t overly sharp himself but the second-half turnovers from Jones were critical for the Giants.

After a 37-yard Ryan Succop field goal gave the Buccaneers the early lead, Ronald Jones lost a fumble deep in Tampa Bay territory that led to a Giants touchdown. Jones hit running back Dion Lewis for a 7-yard score as the Giants took a 7-3 lead. A 10-play, 77-yard drive led by Jones ended in a 2-yard Wayne Gallman touchdown run as the Giants lead grew to 14-3 with 1:46 left in the first half.

Succop managed to convert a 40-yard field goal before the half as New York held a 14-6 advantage.

Jones was intercepted by Carlton Davis on a forced throw to Sterling Shepard on New York’s opening drive of the second half. The turnover led to a 43-yard Succop field goal as the lead was cut to 14-9 five minutes into the third quarter. Following a Giants’ three-and-out, Brady carried the Buccaneers to their first touchdown drive of the night. Rob Gronkowski caught a 3-yard touchdown pass from Brady as Tampa Bay took its first lead at 15-14.

A 33-yard Graham Gano field goal put New York back on top, but Jones’ second interception led to another Tampa touchdown. Sean Murphy-Bunting picked off a Jones pass behind Golden Tate and the Buccaneers capitalized. A questionable unnecessary roughness call against Isaac Yiadom for a hit on Cameron Brate helped move the Buccaneers to the Giants’ 8-yard line. Brady then connected with Mike Evans on the next play for an 8-yard touchdown as Tampa Bay took a 22-17 lead.

Brady completed 28 of 40 passes for 279 yards and two touchdowns on the night for Tampa Bay.

Succop would convert his fourth kick of the night from 38 yards out to push the lead to 25-17 with 3:41 left to play.

Jones and the Giants then managed one final drive to give themselves a chance to send the game to overtime. A key fourth down conversion to Shepard kept the drive alive and Jones hit Tate for a 19-yard touchdown with 28 seconds left to close within two. Winfield’s break up in the end zone served to end New York’s chances.

Jones completed 25 of 41 passes for 256 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

45 responses to “Monday Night Football: Buccaneers stop two-point conversion to hold on in 25-23 win over Giants

  1. Great teams can still win ugly, but why did they have to play down to their competition against the Giants? This game should have been a blowout.

  2. Broke up? More like ran into Lewis. I love how the announcers acted like it wasn’t clear and obvious and how the refs had to gather around and talk about making sure Tommy left with the dub.

  3. Daniel Jones looked horrid. One good pass, 2 bad passes. His WR’s caught several of his jump balls or behind throws. The Giants should look at drafting another QB this year.

  4. Trap game. Tampa was overlooking NY and eyeing New Orleans next week. Ugly win, but it’s a win. In the words of BB…”we’re on to the Saints!”

  5. Giants should have blown Tampa out. Daniel Jones missed at least 3 easy TD throws, one that resulted in an INT. And get outta here with that 2 point conversion PI. That wasn’t even close to PI. If you want something to whine about, how about DJ missing yet another relatively easy throw. If that ball comes out on time & placed correctly, it’s an easy conversion.

  6. I didn’t watch the entire game that closely, but the PF call on the, I believe, Brate play along the sideline was a bad call, and by definition it was interference on the 2 point conversion. I might get it if they had never thrown the flag, but how do you pick it up?

  7. Man, so many missed opportunities for Jones tonight. As a Giants fan I loved the way the team played as a whole… Disciplined defense, about to pound the ball on the ground…. It all hangs on Jones taking the next step in his development. He did a great job making plays on the last drive, although there were a couple near picks… All in all happy the Giants played a good game in primetime, feels like Judge is building a solid, hard nosed culture. Just need to find ways to finish, got another opportunity again Washington next week.

  8. Jones is the problem for the Giants. The throw at the end of the game was great but the number of missed throws and terrible reads was just too much. This Tampa Bay defense might be overrated and Arians is a fraud.

  9. Brady needs to have a serious talk with Leftwich because that playcalling won’t cut it against QBs that can hit the broadside of a barn.

  10. What’s the point of picking up the flag? He ran into him and made contact before the ball got there. Enough so to warrant a flag. Even if they kept it, the giants still had to convert and the game goes to OT where the bucs could still, and most likely, would have won. Instead picking up that flag ends the game. Talk about a let down for the viewers. Earth to the NFL: nobody wants to see the refs ene the game. We want to see the players end it!

  11. I’m 100% convinced that The Giants would have won tonight if Gardner Minshew was their starting QB..

  12. Giants seem to always step up against Brady. Bucs defense was suspect at times despite the 2 picks. Bucs vs Saints should be a barn burner.

  13. Bucs coaching is horrendous. They run it straight up the middle on just about every first down. Might as well be playing Canadian football, since the first down is pretty much wasted more often than not.

    Bucs made the Giants look like world beaters. They consistently over pursue, as if they can run past Jones and then circle back and catch up to him. Maybe that works with a QB who isn’t mobile, but it was a big mistake against Jones. And even though it was clear they needed to make changes on both offense and defense, there didn’t seem to be any halftime adjustments. The players, especially Brady, bailed out the coaches. This kind of coaching will kill the Bucs in the playoffs.

  14. Reading people justifying the no call that it was a bad pass. So? Doesn’t justify picking up a flag and rubbing Tommy’s butt cheeks.

  15. Two things on the 2-point conversion

    • the pass hit Winfield in the arm
    • If you rewatch the play, Lewis grabbed Winfield’s hand and pulled him into the collision.

    It was not PI at all.

  16. Giants coaching looks good.

    People have said it, they need a new QB. I know for sure there where two wide open touchdowns, he came off route immediately both times. Rather than throw the ball away, he tried the hero play and got picked off twice.

    The two point conversion was PI but even without the making the call the OC schemed a pass catcher wide open. The ball was throw late.

  17. wow do you think the NFL wanted Brady to get the victory tonight? unbelievably biased officiating. pathetic.

  18. Refs decided outcome of game yesterday in Chargers/Broncos game. And very obvious they want Tampa Bay winning with Tom. Interference was so blatant but they had to get together to discuss how to get out of it. And Tom jumps up and down like he really won.

  19. Speaking as a Bucs fan, I thought the personal foul on Brate was ridiculous. At worst, both players lowered their helmets together, and it seemed like the Giant was simply bracing for impact. And I much did not like the officials picking up the flag on the 2 point conversion. The Buc arrived before the ball and prevented the Giant from catching it. And the Buc was not playing the ball but simply looking to clean out the receiver. Two bad calls.

  20. Let’s be clear, the Bucs didn’t win because they are a good team, they won because NY is a really bad team.

  21. I’m not sure the Bucs could have beaten many teams tonight. They were not playing well enough to beat the Saints. Good thing they were playing the Giants and had several calls break their way. I enjoyed the game in that it wasn’t a blow out and went down to the wire.

  22. .
    They should have benched DJ at halftime and the giants would have won.
    DJ is the worst QB I have ever seen. the dude has no side vision

  23. The NFL refs should be required to wear clown makeup along with the black and white shirts. Make it part of the uniform….

  24. I don’t get how picking up the flag is a mystery to some. The ball hit the defenders arm before contact. The guy who threw the flag was at the back of the EZ and didn’t see the ball hit the arm.

  25. Sure felt like ny was losing the whole time they were ahead in the game. Maybe it was the way is was being commentated. The feeling of impending doom may have been precognition of the officiating.

  26. Glad I didn’t stay up to see that ending. Rest over Refs any day of the week.

  27. After watching my first 2 games this weekend. I noticed the game with Fans in stand the teams had a lot more energy, the game last night watch like watching practice.

  28. So you’re saying the Giants drafted this guy Jones with the 6th overall pick? That’s hilarious – the guy looks like a career backup who can’t hit wide open WRs running free, but then tries to make the hero play and just chucks it up into a crowd.

  29. and once again the refs blow the call and help Tom Brady. Does anyone else see a pattern emerging? LOL

  30. The ball was nowhere near the defender’s arm or the receiver before the defender made contact with the receiver. It’s irrelevant whether or not the throw was on time or late. It, by definition of the rule, was PI. There are several still shots out there, they are not hard to find. Had they not thrown the flag it would have been one thing, but to pick it up, was the wrong move. IMO Would the Giants have converted on a second try? Who knows?

    However, from the few times I’ve seen Jones in action, I think the Giants need to start looking for a replacement. He seems to have no pocket awareness, and just throws the ball up for grabs when he gets in trouble. It’s hard to believe that a QB has made it to this level, and doesn’t know to throw the ball out of bounds in those situations.

  31. remizak says:
    November 3, 2020 at 12:11 am
    Bucs coaching is horrendous. They run it straight up the middle on just about every first down. Might as well be playing Canadian football, since the first down is pretty much wasted more often than not.
    Totally agree. All those 2 yards run by Jones straight in the middle, since the beginning of the season. They have to be more creative in the ground game. Otherwise, they become kind of unidimensional even if the passing attack is very strong. That might as well prevent a deep playoff run.

  32. Daniel Jones is a “Coach Killer”. He tantalizes with these impressive throws and runs, and you’re like “This is our QB for the next 10 years!!!” Then he makes the SAME bone-headed plays over and over and you’re like “We’re drafting a QB next year!!!”

    He reminds me of Jay Cutler, both smart players from good schools (Vandy, Duke) but they just don’t get it. It’s not like Jones is constantly being fooled by defensive schemes (which happens sometimes, to be expected) but he makes these horrible plays that have nothing to do with the defensive scheme, but more his lack of awareness at that moment.

  33. The NFL is going the route of the NBA in force feeding us Brady just like the NBA did by making sure Lebron won the title. It is nauseating how many calls going his favor year after year. You already know the agenda in place. They need Brady to have “playing in the Superbowl in his home stadium” on his resume now. Truly is pathetic. No other player in history has benefited more from bogus calls in his favor than Brady.

  34. Bucs fan. The Giants reminded me of the Bucs; play a good game but have your QB lose it for you. We waited five years to make the switch. Don’t wait so long.
    Hats off to the Giants for excellent line work, excellent secondary, and good play calling.

  35. Hard to figure the Bucs out. One game they look like true contenders (SB), then against a bad team look like they can’t get out of their own way. And yeah, that late pass interference call that was picked up, looked like PI to me.

  36. It’s just so LAUGHABLE how many jealous Brady haters there are out there. So pathetic how they continue to rag on THE GREATEST FOOTBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!! The G.O.A.T.!!! Keep whining, Brady haters, as you also continue losing to him. It’s hilarious….

  37. Wolverine, nice game vs MSU. Nobody is jealous of the wolverines that is for sure hahaha!

  38. “No other player in history has benefited more from bogus calls in his favor than Brady“

    Every great player gets the benefit of the doubt once they prove they’re great. This is a handful of players in history, ALL who have been whined about by the likes of you I’m sure. I’ll bet you didn’t like it when Bird and Jordan got the benefit of the doubt either. I’m also sure you see it when it doesn’t even happen.

    Losers are a funny bunch. They never look in the mirror to see what they could do to be better first.

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