Trent Brown still in Cleveland, undergoing tests after IV mishap

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Raiders right tackle Trent Brown remains hospitalized in Cleveland on Monday after a mishap with a pregame IV.

“Trent is still in Cleveland,” Raiders coach Jon Gruden said Monday afternoon. “I’m very glad to report he’s up and seems to be doing well. We’re waiting the results of some of the extensive tests he did today and yesterday. I don’t have anything to report other than he had an issue. I want to really thank our medical staff. What a job they did in an emergency situation. We’re just happy he’s up and around. Once we get the official word as to what’s wrong with Trent, we’ll let you know.”

Gruden said the team has no idea of Brown’s availability for this week or beyond.

“We don’t really anything about Trent’s status,” Gruden said. “The most important thing is that we find out what went wrong. Our prayers are with Trent certainly. He’s in the best possible hands he could be right now. His availability and his status is really not up for discussion right now as far as we’re concerned.”

The Raiders’ pregame scare happened in the locker room when air entered Brown’s bloodstream, requiring immediate medical attention. An air embolism can be life-threatening.

“We were all shaken up pretty good,” Gruden said. “You get shook up when you see one of your own go down and you don’t know what’s wrong with him. But we were able to assure our players that he was in good hands and his signs were vital, and he was doing good. We said a prayer for Trent before the game, and we went out and tried to win the game for him. It’s something that’s on our mind. It’s weighing heavily on us right now.”

Brown tested positive for the coronavirus less than two weeks ago and was cleared to return Saturday, only to have the IV mishap Sunday.