Joe Douglas calls Sam Darnold the Jets’ “quarterback for the future”

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Jets General Manager Joe Douglas gave Adam Gase a vote of confidence, calling the coach “part of the solution.” In the same interview, Douglas called Sam Darnold the “quarterback for the future” for the Jets.

“I feel like he has a different set of wide receivers every week,” Douglas said, via NFL Media. “I think you see the flashes of what he can be, and they’re really special. Let’s not forget that Sam’s a 23-year-old quarterback that is maybe one of the toughest quarterbacks I’ve ever been around. I’m very excited about Sam.

“I have no problem saying that he is our best quarterback and our quarterback for the future.”

Jets fans have suffered through a miserable season, but thoughts of Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence as their quarterback of the future has provided a silver of sunshine for them. Lawrence projects as the No. 1 overall choice for 2021, and the winless Jets are in the early lead for the No. 1 overall choice.

The Jets made Darnold the third overall choice in 2018. He has an 11-21 record as the starter, with 39 touchdowns, 34 interceptions and a 78.3 passer rating. Darnold has the worst passer rating of any qualifying quarterback this season.

“Look, I mean, we’re trying to get through the next eight games,” Douglas said. “My feeling on Sam hasn’t changed. We have to do a better job of surrounding him with talent.”

Rookie receiver Denzel Mims, the 59th overall selection, has played only two games this season. Keeping Mims in the lineup should help Darnold, but the Jets still appear headed toward 0-16.

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  1. Translation, We are taking Trevor first overall and Darnold is about to get Josh Rosen’d

  2. He is saying what the clueless owner (Chris Johnson) wants to hear and wants him to say.

    Of course Gase will be gone after the season.
    Of course the Jets will draft a new QB.
    Darnold will have a chance to “compete” in 2021 for the starting QB role.
    Unless he can unload Darnold for a 4th round pick.

  3. With the first pick of the 2021 NFL DRAFT, the New York Jets select Trevor Lawrence , QB CLEMSON

  4. Haha. Would you really be surprised to see the Jets mess this thing up and select a tight end or a kicker. I’d be surprised if they don’t mess it up. Its such a Jet thing to do. Haha

  5. When good young QB’s go to really bad teams, they often struggle early in their career’s. Steve Young struggled in Tampa Bay. He looked hideous. It wasn’t until he went to a good organization in SF that he finally looked good. Same thing happened with Jim Plunkett in New England and then in Oakland. Troy Aikman made a lot of errors early when Dallas was really bad. Once they got more talented, he looked like a HOFer. Patrick Mahomes was good right away because he went to a contender. Ben Roethlisberger did well right away because he went to a contender. The Jets are about as bad an organization as there is.

  6. Adam Gase is part of the solution= someone has to be the coach that rides out an 0-16 season
    Sam Darnold is the QB for the future=we need someone who will lose every game without even having to do so willingly to ensure Trevor is in a Jets uniform next season.

  7. For me personally, Sam Darnold was overrated coming out of college. That said, he is a better than average QB. His overall health is a question mark. Having Adam Gase as his coach is a large negative. Until Danrold gets away from Gase, it’s hard to tell if he is a franchise QB or not.

  8. Trevor Lawrence is still in collage yet the fans and Media are ready to place him in the NFL hall of Fame what 6/7 months before the draft. Sam darnold is not the problem. Poor coaching, a lack of skill players (management) and a general lack direction is what the issues are. Every team wants the next Patrick mahomes and the jets had the chance to draft him and he said that’s where he thought he was going. Had they I doubt the team would have a much better record than they do right now. Even a generational talent like him couldn’t save the Jets.

  9. when they are deciding if someone is a “good fit” as a owner do they test them to make sure they can lie and keep a straight face???? i swear they are ALWAYS lying to the media and their teams fan base.

  10. Lawrence won’t fare any better with the Jets than Darnold has if they surround him with the same bad coaching and lack of NFL-caliber players. Gase shouldn’t be part of their future, and Douglas probably shouldn’t, either. The lack of NFL-caliber players on that roster is his fault. Darnold would probably look a whole lot better if he was with any other team.

  11. Sure, Jets fans, Darnold is the problem. Lawrence will not solve anything.

    As charliecharger says above, young QBs who go to bad teams will struggle. Look at the first few years of many MANY HoF QBs – they would’ve been cut in today’s NFL because no one has the patience to build a team over a few drafts, and the QB is the most common scapegoat for a HC/GM to jettison to save their own jobs.

    The Jets would be foolish to give up on Darnold, considering the dumpster fire of a team they’ve given him to work with. You could put Brady/Brees/Rivers/Rogers/whoever in at QB and it might make a small difference, but a QB can’t save an entire franchise.

    The problems with the Jets start with ownership and go down from there. Bad ownership makes it almost impossible to win and be consistent. Without consistency it’s impossible to build a winning team and a culture with a positive mindset.

  12. Don’t hear many arguments that Darnold will be better than Lawrence, just that he’s in a crappy situation. If you have to give Darnold a new contract as a QB, those don’t come cheap – even for average QBs, i.e. Cousins, Jimmy G. Why not start the clock over with Lawrence on a rookie contract with more cap flexibility to put other pieces around him?

  13. You heard it here first, the Pats will lose to the Jets at least once to keep them from getting the 1st overall pick. I guarantee it!!!

  14. It went on for quite a while that New York radio callers were calling for Eli Manning’s head. “we’ll never get anywhere with this guy” LOL.
    You could be right about Darnold but it’s too soon to tell given his supporting cast. He’ll start and play well next year, Douglas will trade out of the first pick.

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