Bill Belichick isn’t “aware” of any offers the Patriots received for Stephon Gilmore

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Rumors and reports flew in recent days regarding the possibility that the Patriots will trade cornerback Stephon Gilmore. They ultimately didn’t.

On Wednesday, coach Bill Belichick was asked whether there’s any truth to the report that the Patriots “at least entertained offers” for the 2019 NFL defensive player of the year.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Belichick said.

It’s a strange answer. Is he suggesting that the team entertained trade offers for Gilmore without Belichick knowing about it?

The reality is that a sudden knee injury likely derailed any potential trade interest in Gilmore. Some have wondered whether the injury is really an “injury,” with the goal of blocking the team from trading Gilmore.

Regardless, Gilmore will finish the season with the Patriots. The question then becomes whether he’ll be traded in the offseason.