Drew Brees on injury report, but he downplays right shoulder issue

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Drew Brees popped up on the injury report with a shoulder injury that limited him. The Saints quarterback, though, said he’s always limited on Wednesdays as routine maintenance.

“It’s pretty standard,” Brees said Wednesday.

Brees played with tape on his shoulder Sunday but continued to downplay his injury.

“Hey, I’m 41 years old,” Brees chuckled. “I’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Just keep ticking.”

Brees has thrown 13 touchdowns and three interceptions and has a 106.5 passer rating. He faces Tom Brady for a second time this season when the Saints play the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football.

Brady has thrown one more career touchdown pass than Brees, with the two trading off the NFL record all season.

14 responses to “Drew Brees on injury report, but he downplays right shoulder issue

  1. Hope he can’t go. I wanna a see Jameis throw more pick sixes. Come on, Jaboo you can do it!

  2. Has to be his last season. Guy looks like he barely has any muscle on his bones, looks more like an extra in Dallas Buyers Club.

  3. In 2006, six independent, nationally respected doctors looked at Drew Brees’ surgically repaired shoulder and they all told the Miami Dolphins brass that he had about a twenty per cent chance of making a full recovery. The injury was gruesome. He had “dislocated his shoulder through the bottom of the joint — a one-in-500 injury, he’d be told later — suffered a 360-degree tear of his labrum and a 50-percent tear of his rotator cuff.” It’s amazing he was able to recover and have the kind of career he did.

  4. Tim Kolb says:
    November 4, 2020 at 6:33 pm

    I knew the Saints would regret signing Brees with that bad shoulder. I called it.

    Yeah. After 15 seasons, 168 career wins, 1 Super Bowl MVP, and just about every individual NFL career QB record on his resume’, the Saints are just about DONE with Drew’s “bad shoulder.” Understand this: Drew Brees is the real G.O.A.T. Brady may have the rings, but that’s based on TEAM results. Drew has carried bad Chargers and Saints teams to 168 victories. He brought the Saints up from mediocrity to sustained success. Every pass he completes adds to TWO different league records (career pass attempts and career pass completions.) He just added to another record this past weekend, winning a league record 14th career overtime game (Brady has 12 with an extra season under his belt.) Drew is going to play until HE and he alone decides he is done with football. That “bad shoulder” has caused him to have only the 3rd best career QB rating in the history of the NFL. Not bad for a short, washed-up QB with a bad shoulder, huh?

  5. Brees is better than Brady. We’ll see that reconfirmed Sunday Nite. See who the real dink and dunk maestro is.

  6. Brees is a great QB. But he is not even in the same league as Brady. Its great he holds some nice stats, but does anyone think for one second he would have those same stats if he had to play a majority of his games outside in the northeast? Did Brady not bring up the NEP from mediocrity? The Pats success far outweighs the Saints. Brees has also never won a league MVP.

  7. No one thinks Brees is better than Brady with regard to individual accomplishments, and when it come to team accomplishments, it’s not even close. As I type this, I think Brees is a legend in the game. It doesn’t detract from him or his records or ability at all.

    Sorry to you “it’s a 53 man game” guys, but that’s silly. NFL quarterback is the most important and relevant-to-winning position in all of sports, and Brady is the best who’s ever done it,

    He’ll still be doing it well after Brees retires, and some of you will still be chanting, “Father time always wins….the cliff is coming”, and it’s still funny, because you’ve been saying it every year since 2012 or so.

  8. Brees is amazing as was Manning. Both racked up some crazy passing stats. We have to be honest and acknowledge playing in a dome helps with the stats. Compiling stats and rings trumps stats alone.

    This is from 345 days ago so add some dome games to both Brady and Brees. “Tom Brady has only played 22 games under a roof over his career. Peyton Manning played 130 games for reference. Brees has played 143.”

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