Kyle Shanahan: George Kittle says two weeks, doctors say eight

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Word on Monday regarding tight end George Kittle‘s foot injury was that it could keep him out for the season and 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed that was the medical opinion when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

Shanahan said that Kittle has a fracture in his foot and that he’s been told it will be an eight-week recovery time for the tight end. He also said that Kittle has already said that he wants to get back on the field way before two months are up.

“I know it’s something in his foot,” Shanahan said. “It didn’t show up on their X-rays, but whether on the MRIs or CT scan or something with a better resolution, it showed. It happened on that one play. I think they told me eight weeks. Kittle says two, but that’s how he rolls. That’s why he’ll go on IR and if it’s better than what they’re saying, he’ll have a chance to come back this year, but eight weeks is eight weeks.”

Going on injured reserve means Kittle will be out for at least three weeks and it seems likely the absence will stretch longer than that regardless of how Kittle wants things to go.

5 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: George Kittle says two weeks, doctors say eight

  1. I reached for him in the second round this year because when healthy he always delivers. No regrets – injuries are part of the game. I’m hoping for three weeks but if he’s smart he’ll call it a season.

  2. Superbowl hangovers are real. Not so much due to the mental aspect of losing a heartbreaker but the physical toll of playing 3 more games and having a month less of an offseason to completely heal everyone is an often overlooked. This is why it is so difficult to repeat or even get back to the SB let alone win it. The Niners had a really stacked roster coming into the season and got riddled with injuries to their top contributors. If I was John Lynch I’d be calling Kap right now to see if something can be done. Surely he’s better than Mullens or Beatherd. And now you won’t be questioned if Jimmy’s losing his job at the end of the year (which seems to be a foregone conclusion).

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