Trent Williams, Brandon Aiyuk will miss Thursday night’s game due to contact with Kendrick Bourne

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The 49ers are more like the 29ers this year.

Already grossly shorthanded due to injury, San Francisco will lose two more players based on their contact with COVID-19 positive receiver Kendrick Bourne.

The 49ers officially have placed tackle Trent Williams and receiver Brandon Aiyuk on the COVID-19/reserve list as high-risk close contacts with Bourne. Receiver Deebo Samuel, who already was due to miss the game because of injury, also will be placed on the COVID-19 reserve list based on contact with Bourne.

And so, among others, the 49ers won’t have their top three receivers, their top tight end, their top tailbacks, their top quarterback, and their starting left tackle, among others on Thursday night against the Packers.

Why is the game proceeding, you ask? The league’s main focus is getting the games played. Even if it would be more “fair” to the 49ers to bump the game to Monday or Tuesday, the situation could get worse by then. Starting with the Buccaneers-Raiders game from Week Seven, the league began to convey a clear priority and preference to get the games played, even if one team will be woefully unprepared for it.

21 responses to “Trent Williams, Brandon Aiyuk will miss Thursday night’s game due to contact with Kendrick Bourne

  1. Which team will be woefully unprepared? The 49ers could trot out the jv team against that GB defense.

  2. “the situation could get worse by then.”

    If that’s truly the case, given the timeline, it could get significantly worse quickly – for both teams

  3. Did they also test positive or show symptoms, or is it just because of being in close contact?

  4. Really sucks as a niner fan but this is exactly what they league should have done from the beginning. So no hypocrisy from me. Play the game with who you have, the end. It is the only consistently fair way to do it.

  5. Even as a diehard Seahawk fan I feel sorry for the Niner’s and their fans. All teams have to fight through injuries but they have had more than their fair share, and now this. If I could look at one possible positive out of all this, they might slide far enough down that they can pick a top QB in the draft next year.

  6. All the niners will do is review the film showing Pettine runs the same defense all the time, so just do what the Vikes did and you dont need a qb. They threw 14 passes in the entire game, thats how bad the run d is on GB.

  7. Mullens will probably still carve them up with table scraps at WR. Should be a big day for Jerrick McKinnon and Hasty.

  8. I really dont hear the 49ers team make excuses about the injuries but they have the media here in bay area for that…everyday all day its radio sports talk how the 49ers have so many injuries blah blah blah all day long i go work turn it back on and its the same subject how unlucky the team is and how it isnt fair…to me last year was a fluke and there still 4-4 but there acting like there 0-8 and want every fan to feel sorry the team.its funny really but its also pathetic …just face it play with who you have like every other team…people get tired hearing same excuse we already know yea you have injuries..what they need is a new strength and conditioning coach.

  9. It was laid out before the season ever started that there were going to be some issues that would arise making things unfair to certain teams from week to week. Would you rather that the NFL just pull the plug? Whether the pro sports leagues admit it or not, the 2020 seasons will have an asterisk attached to them in many people’s minds. But in my world, it’s better than nothing.

  10. hess97 says:

    November 4, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Why wouldnt they reschedule like they did for several other teams this year already?

    Those games were rescheduled when the covid tests came back positive and they were worried of a potential outbreak as it happened close to game day. These positive tests and close contacts they feel are under control and with no potential positives popping up today the game would be played. Previous games they didnt feel it was contained and as new tests popped up during those weeks the games were rescheduled. So in other words your trying to compare apples to oranges, although both have similarities their not close to the same.

  11. xlivsaints says:
    November 4, 2020 at 7:57 pm
    AND they just cut Dante Pettis.

    Yeah I hear the 49ers were looking for a washing machine and dozen footballs for him but found no trade partners.

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