Cowboys are taking the “full week” to pick a quarterback

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It doesn’t have quite the same stakes as George Costanza vs. Lloyd Braun, but there’s a competition in Dallas that has on the line something much better, or depending on how Sunday’s game goes much worse, than a Water-Pik.

Cooper Rush and Garrett Gilbert are battling for the privilege of starting this weekend at quarterback for the Cowboys against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You know, the 7-0 Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers who have a defense consisting of multiple great players at every level.

Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters on Thursday that the team will “take the full week” to make a decision.

“I think it’s important to make sure that both Garrett and Cooper are ready to play,” McCarthy said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

McCarthy added that both quarterbacks did a nice job on Wednesday. On Thursday, the team will practice in pads.

“This will be an excellent work day for us,” McCarthy said, adding that the final decision won’t be based on practice statistics but on “the rhythm, continuity, the command” of the offense.

Ben DiNucci, who started Sunday night’s loss to the Eagles, has been removed from the mix. Andy Dalton won’t play due to placement on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Have we mentioned that the Cowboys play the Steelers?

22 responses to “Cowboys are taking the “full week” to pick a quarterback

  1. With the number of sacks and QB hits allowed, they’re going to need more quarterbacks to finish the season.

  2. This is where you end up when you have an egotistical, narcissistic owner who thinks he can play GM.

  3. A “full week,” a month, a year: When Cooper Rush, Garrett Gilbert and Ben DiNucci are the answers, does it really matter how long it takes to ask the question?

  4. Dont know why dallas let one of the Mccown bros go to Houston instead of snagging him – double the offer if ya have to – or grab the other brother. Tough, decent well experienced short notice qb, local hometown factor too.

  5. It doesn’t make a difference which one starts, neither is a great option. If you loser your starting QB in this league, it get ugly fast. Only a few teams have decent back ups. Neither Rush or Gilbert has ever started an NFL game, and playing against a top notch Steeler defence. Cowboys will be lucky to score 10 points.

  6. Dallas is in disarray. Jones hired McCarthy. McCarthy brought in Nolan and kept Moore.

    Now the defense is incompetent and the offense is inept. That’s on management and coaching. Sure, injuries have robbed the team of key players, but other teams have suffered injuries but still found a way to win. Washington and Philadelphia for example. These Cowboys will be lucky to win another game.

  7. Seems to me it would have been smarter to let one of them take 100% of the snaps in practice. How do you prepare them fully by only giving each half? On second thought, does it really matter?

  8. This game will be a lot closer than people think. The Steelers played 2 brutally physical games in a row on the road and they are banged up in the middle of the defense.

  9. If Dak wouldn’t have broke his ankle, so it’s actually Dak fault considering everyone else’s logic.

  10. You look around the league and there are plenty of teams with viable backups with some teams even having a quality third stringer. Then you look at the Cowboys and they look like they settled for the losing QBs from some intramural games.

  11. With that o-line, both will play after the starter is injured and out of the game. Good probability that the 3rd emergency QB will play also. What the Cowboys really should do is pick a new GM.

  12. So, Colin Kaepernick can’t get a contract, and there are situations like this for several teams in the league . No, he’s not blacklisted at all.

  13. This reeks of a panic move by Pitt resident Mccarthy. They might as well stick Gilbert Gottfried in there, to play QB – any and all of them are gonna get killed.

  14. Pull in your ego Jerry. Tank this year and draft quarterback Fields (Trevor if you get the 1st pick).

  15. Cooper Rush will surprise everyone with an above average showing, holding his own over a talented Steelers defense.

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