Dolphins’ offensive line wants to be “perfect” for Tua Tagovailoa

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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa did not have a good first NFL start, beginning with his very first dropback, when he was drilled by Aaron Donald and lost a fumble. But the Dolphins’ offensive linemen are taking some responsibility for that.

Dolphins guard Solomon Kindley said he and his teammates are making a point of giving Tagovailoa a better chance this week at Arizona.

We have to be perfect for him,” Kindley said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “That was his very first game. . . . The offensive line has got to do a little bit more to get him comfortable. All week, this week, that’s what we’re emphasizing so we can give him the amount of time that he needs even more.”

Tagovailoa managed just 93 passing yards on Sunday, and the Dolphins’ longest offensive drive went just 33 yards. They won because of their defense and special teams, but they can’t count on that happening every week. The offense has to be better, and that goes beyond just Tagovailoa.

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  1. Y’all are focusing way too much on “only” 93 pass yards, without mentioning his usage. Not only did Miami’s defense and special teams win the game, they kept the offense off the field.

    A punt return and a fumble return both scored TDs, and the offense never saw the field. 2 lost drives

    A Tua fumble and a Gaskins fumble both happened on the first plays of the drive, so no passes were even attempted. 2 more lost drives

    3 drives were ended due to a total of 4 drops, which would’ve totaled at least another 50 yards.

    Another drive ended after back to back wildcat plays, totaling negative yardage.

    Almost the entire 4th quarter were running plays.

    And the offense scored 2 TDs on a short field, due to 2 other turnovers. Between both of those drives, the offense had a total of 34 yards to work with.

    Could his play have been better? Sure. He missed a couple passes. But for his first start, against the Rams defense, I think he looked pretty good for what was given to him.

  2. They are actually decent pass blockers. Against that Rams D Line they only gave up the one sack early on. Sure they were by design getting the ball out quickly which helped the O line out too. Given what we’ve had for around 10 years on the line I’ll take it. Where they really need to improve is the run blocking. That is not good.

  3. You mean you didn’t think of that when taking on the Rams and Aaron Donald!?!?! Better late than never I guess!

  4. Never seen a QB in his first start so scrutinized, Tua was accurate, had 3 passes dropped.

    Lets see how he plays in the next 9 games.

  5. Skoliosis Sufferer says:
    November 5, 2020 at 8:12 am

    You mean you didn’t think of that when taking on the Rams and Aaron Donald!?!?! Better late than never I guess!

    Of course they thought of that and did a pretty decent job considering Donald only had 1 sack? This O-Line considering they have 2 rookies have looked so much better then years past. Improvement. Fins Up

  6. Doesn’t Miami have the Texan’s first round pick in addition to their own first rounder ?
    If so, use one of them on another STUD O-LINEMAN.

  7. Chicken and egg. That longest 33yard driveto tie the game at 7 was the last time Tua took the field until the 1 yard drive after a huge defensive turnover. That made it 28-7. That, and Miami’s continuing good defense absolutely changed the play calling and Miami went very conservative. If Miami didn’t go nuts on D and ST in the 2nd quarter, Tua would’ve passed for quite a few more yards…

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