Everson Griffen’s feelings hurt by Mike Zimmer calling him a “good player”

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer surely intended to compliment Everson Griffen when he said of his former player: “Yeah, I’ve seen some [film] with Dallas. They’ve been in some of the crossover games. Everson was a good player for us. I wish him well, just not this week.”

Griffen, though, took offense.

“This is the best I’ve felt in a long time, and I got a little frustrated when I read that comment what Zimmer said, ‘Oh, Everson was a good player,'” Griffen said Thursday, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN. “Like, coach Zimmer just wasn’t a good coach; he was a great coach to me. So for him to call me a good player, that kind of hurts my feelings.

“On Sunday, I’m really looking forward to playing the Vikings and showing them that I am a great player. I’m excited. I’m ready to execute. My mental health is strong. My physical health is strong. My mind is strong, and I’m ready to go out there and dominate. I’m ready to create, adapt and go out there and win.”

Griffen spent 10 seasons in Minnesota, including six with Zimmer. He earned Pro Bowl honors four times and ranks fourth in team history with 74.5 sacks.

Griffen, 32, opted out of his contract with the Vikings after the 2019 season and became a free agent in March. He signed with the Cowboys in August and spent seven weeks in Dallas before the Cowboys traded him to Detroit for a conditional sixth-round draft pick in 2021.

Players use anything and everything as motivation, and Griffen made it clear he felt slighted by Zimmer’s words. He later tweeted he expected more from Zimmer after he “gave everything for that team.”

“They’re going to put some respect on my name,” Griffen said. “He going to put respect on my name. That’s all I’m saying. Like he just wasn’t a good coach to me; he was a great coach. He helped me improve, helped me grow. I don’t ever talk bad about people, so for him to call me a good player, all right, I got something for him on Sunday.”

Griffen has 2.5 sacks this season.

18 responses to “Everson Griffen’s feelings hurt by Mike Zimmer calling him a “good player”

  1. the Cowboys traded him to Detroit for a conditional sixth-round draft pick in 2021

    Does that sound like a great player to anyone? His trade value seems to indicate he’s a below-average player.

  2. Although it seems everyone is looking for a reason to feel slighted Griffen isnt wrong in saying he was a great player for the vikings which I’m sure Zimmer wouldnt disagree with. Just seems like trying to splice words to play the disrespect card

  3. Nothing wrong with Griffen feeling slighted. I’d bet he has his best game of the season, and I know the Lions won’t be upset about that.

  4. Everson Griffen has turned into a real joke. Does anybody out there remember when he was jailed at USC for running around naked and being a lunatic. Leslie Frazier actually flew out there to save his ass. Everson Griffen was pushed around like an old lady by the tight end from the San Francisco 49ers in last year’s playoff game, a complete non factor in the game-thats’ why he’s not here anymore. He could have 10 sacks against the Vikings and he’s still washed up-that’s why he’s not in Dallas.

  5. That’s really what is wrong with the NFL. Bunch of overpaid babies that feel disrespected for being called “Good”. Well Everson, you really aren’t “Great” until you get your gold jacket. Anybody here think Everson is on a track to get one?

  6. For Zim to say someone was a “good” player really means he holds them in high regard. He saves words like “great” for the likes of Emmit Smith, AP, Dion Sanders, Darren Woodson ect… The day Ev (who is a really good player overall in his career) is in the same conversations as those guys is the day Zimm openly calls him great. Spoiler alert: he won’t be in that conversation.

  7. He would have called him great if he wouldn’t have been offside 1500 time with the Vikings. Most of which at the worst times.

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