Golden Tate back with the Giants

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Wide receiver Golden Tate is back with the Giants.

Tate did not practice with the Giants on Wednesday after he and his wife expressed a desire to see more passes come his way. Giants head coach Joe Judge said that he had a lengthy conversation with Tate before the decision was made to have him stay away for the day and gave a short answer of “yes” when asked if Tate was back with the team Thursday.

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was also asked about Tate, but didn’t delve too deeply into the wideout’s desire for a bigger role in the offense.

“I don’t really want to comment much on that,” Garrett said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “Obviously Golden’s done a good job for us when given opportunities. We try to get opportunities for all our guys.”

Tate had two catches for 31 yards and a touchdown in Week 8. He has 22 catches for 226 yards and two touchdowns on the year.

10 responses to “Golden Tate back with the Giants

  1. VisionTim says:
    Laughable, punish the guy that wants to help you win. Not a good look.

    What’s laughable is the idea that acting like a petulant child is the way to help your team win games, let alone a good look.
    Feeling disappointing when you’re not more involved is one thing. But when a professional has an issue he handles it quietly. He doesn’t pout or whine publicly, and he doesn’t let his wife get involved with his work issues.
    There’s a reason this guys has been on four teams. Whether in Seattle, Detroit, Philadelphia or New York, Golden Tate has always been somewhat of a challenge personality-wise. He doesn’t always work and play well with others, which might be part of the reason he’s not seeing more passes his way.
    The day is rapidly approaching when his declining skills will no longer be worth the whining and the distractions.

  2. This guy has become one of the more unlikable characters in the NFL. I’m sure there’s a good reason that while talented, bounces from team to team…..

  3. Why wasn’t he traded? Guessing nobody wanted him at that price. Talent alone rarely cuts it.

  4. people commenting on here like he told his wife to bash the team. He probably did what most husbands do and complain to his wife about the lack of catches. Or if his wife is like most football spouse, she is actively engaged and noticed the lack of catches coming her husband’s way.
    Judge made a bad decision in telling him to stay away. Baltimore Ravens WR actually complained himself and his team didn’t punish him for speaking out.

  5. The only thing worse than a productive wide receiver diva, is a wide receiver diva who can’t produce. Tate is so annoying.

  6. Look on the bright side mr Tate. You are the only person in history that can say “things were so much happier in Detroit”

  7. He seemed to be getting the ball enough before he banged the wife of his QB in Seattle…

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