Ron Rivera on Dwayne Haskins: Everybody thinks he’s done here, he’s not

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Washington coach Ron Rivera is pushing back against the idea that the Football Team has given up on quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

“It’s funny, I benched the guy and it’s like everybody thinks his career is over here in Washington. It’s not. There’s potential, there’s opportunity. The kid has an NFL arm, it’s just a matter of him developing,” Rivera told Rich Eisen.

Rivera noted that Haskins was only the starter for one year at Ohio State and has started just 11 games in the NFL.

“Everybody forgets he played 12 games of college football and then last year he really didn’t get into the swing of things until the end of the year,” Rivera said. “I did everything I could to give him 11 weeks as the No. 1 [quarterback].”

So far, Haskins has been a big disappointment. But Rivera sounds open to giving Haskins the opportunity to prove himself before he’s done in Washington.

24 responses to “Ron Rivera on Dwayne Haskins: Everybody thinks he’s done here, he’s not

  1. “The kid has an NFL arm, it’s just a matter of him developing,”

    Says the guy who couldn’t even get a conditional 7th rounder for him at the deadline. And by the way, the same words were uttered in support of Jamarcus Russell a decade ago. Great arm. Not so great head.

  2. Rookie contract. What do you have to loose ? Give him a full offseason, OTA’s, training camp and see where he is next season.

  3. Even if Haskins were done in DC, Rivera would still be talking him up to preserve his trade value. It is worth being a little less credulous of what coaches say and a little more questioning about their motives!

  4. I like Rivera, but I’m not buying this. I think he realized that he devalued Haskins’ trade value by demoting him to 3rd string and someone within the organization leaking info about his work habits. Therefore, no one called about him near the trade deadline.

    I think Rivera is trying to build up Haskins’ trade value in the offseason by making positive comments about him. I follow the WFT and everything I’ve heard and seen tells me he’s done in Washington. Maybe I’m wrong, though. We’ll see what happens this offseason.

  5. Maybe we can take parts off these under performing NFL youngsters and build the 600 million dollar QB … I’ll start with Haskins arm but you other posters need to continue to build this beast … we need smarts , quicks , toughness and ummm some kind of variable that will make him worth the dough …

  6. I’ve said it 1 million times, never draft an Ohio State quarterback, Justin fields will be a bust as well

  7. High pick at the premium position are two reasons he will get several chances to succeed (as he should). the bigger question is does Washington draft a QB with a high pick next year or stick with bridge veteran. That’s how you will know what the organization really thinks of Haskins’ future.

  8. Haskins is in a tough situation. Washington is terrible and they just threw him to the wolves last year. He’s had some good games which means he has some ability. I agree with another poster. He’s still on his rookie deal so what does it hurt to give him some more time. I suspect the off-season will include a lot of work in the filmroom.

  9. He’s done and coupled with not so great work ethic he’s not likely to be developed into a starter again. Maybe a career backup journeyman.

  10. I’m sure most coaches see potential there. The WFT didn’t develop him properly and threw him to the wolves. Just not a well run organization.

  11. Not to Coach, when you say things like, “everybody thinks his career is over”, everybody includes you. “You may think …” is more appropriate. Not “everybody”. Dwayne is probably thinking to himself “I’m not everyone.”

  12. The smart thing to say when you’re listening for trade offers. I’m sure Rivera came in and told the owner he wasn’t about to put his career into the hands of Haskins. Snyder could fire Rivera, or let him choose his own QB. Snyder doesn’t seem like he’s concerned at all about winning. In his mind, he’s already won. His franchise is valued at much more than he paid for it. On the other hand, Rivera does care about winning. His job gets easier if he can get something in return for Haskins. Haskins didn’t have any NFL ability, yet Washington drafted him before Rivera came to town. The owner likes to get involved, but he doesn’t seem like he has enough passion to fight Rivera on this issue. At the end of the day, Snyder is a wealthy man. He’s content with that. Rivera has more money than he’ll ever need, but he has a huge amount of passion for football. He isn’t kissing anyone’s rear end.

  13. Bill Parcels felt most comfortable with a college QB who started at least 30 games. There may be something to that.

  14. Rivera knows Washington is going to move on from Haskins. They had him on the trade market and were trying to move him before the deadline. Haskins is a bust and it’s obvious, Dude is not the future. Mark my words Rivera will draft a QB next April and they will move on from Dwayne. Rivera is just pandering, he should just be honest about the situation. Haskins is done in DC.

  15. Rivera isnt going to come out and bash a guy that he is hoping to get something for. Thats first and foremost. Secondly its obvious Haskins isnt ready to start in the NFL. So if its true that Ron is trying to develop the kid then this is the best way to handle Haskins. Personally i do think Haskins is done in DC and Ron is handling like hes supposed to.

  16. I’m sick of everyone saying that Rivera/the WFT devalued Haskins. Haskins devalued himself from the second he was drafted “the league done messed up”, his personalized Bently, working on his fashion line instead of working, doing selfies in games he was horrible in, touting his personal stats, being a horrible leader, not listening and being coachable, etc.

    We who live here have heard about the issues since day 1. So, it’s no surprise. Rivera had the cache to tell the owner that he was going to make a change, but had to show that he’d give him a chance.

    Haskins devalued Haskins. No one else!

  17. Haskins’ coach, Urban Meyer, thought he wasn’t ready for the NFL, so why is everyone surprised that Coach Meyer was right? The kid is immature, has poor study habits, and poor practice habits. Tell me of another QB who was so busy posing for selfies as his first win closed out that he was not aware that his team had the ball and he was needed on the field? End of story. The WFT will not get anything more than a 6th round pick for him, if that, so let’s see if maybe some of Alex Smith will rub off on Haskins. Hopefully, this is the last pick that Danny Boy foists on us. There was no reason to draft him before the 3rd round. OOPS! FLASH! Danny Boy is planning on trading Haskins to the Vikes for Cousins.

  18. kbp82 says:
    November 5, 2020 at 11:50 am
    Bill Parcels felt most comfortable with a college QB who started at least 30 games. There may be something to that.
    I guess that eliminates Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

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