Sports betting now legal in 25 states

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In May 2018, the Supreme Court opened the floodgates. The water continues to rush through.

Three more states adopted legalized sports wagering this week, with Maryland, Louisiana, and South Dakota joining a trend that now covers half of the country.

Three other states, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Ohio, have active legislation that would allow sports wagering.

As sports wagering spreads, more states will adopt sports wagering. The reasoning is simple; citizens in border communities will cross the line to an adjoining state that allows it, spending money that could be spent in the state where they live.

Some of us (like me) are old enough to remember the proliferation of scratch-off lottery tickets. Pearls were clutched and parades of horribles were uttered. And then as states started offering scratch-off lottery tickets, most of the rest of them fell in line.

While it’s unlikely that all 50 states will adopt sports wagering (not all 50 have lottery systems), plenty more will enhance the pool in which they wet their budgetary beaks by allowing further expansion of gambling activities that can be regulated and, more importantly, taxed.

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  1. And i still prefer to bet through a bookie, better odds, you get to chase and you can play a reverse

  2. You want to avoid the gambling problems and culture that has developed here in the UK. During live sport, it’s no exaggeration to say that 75% of adverts are suggesting you “bet now”, everything is “in association with William Hill/Bet 365” etc, almost all premier league teams are sponsored by gambling companies.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t be allowed to gamble on sports, but it has gone way too far over here.

  3. I agree with BritishRaven. There needs to be advertising restrictions in place. Like, you can’t advertise on the official broadcast, or maybe no TV advertising at all. No in stadium advertising, etc.

  4. Just a random political note from Wisconsin: under the state Constitution, only tribal gaming is allowed. Local Tribes have said they’ll consider sports books at some point, but none are actively pursuing it at the moment. For non-Tribal gaming concerns to engage in sports betting, you’d have to amend the State Constitution which is rather difficult in WI. An amendment has to be passed by two consecutive sessions of the legislature, and only then can it go to referendum. Tl;dr awhile before tribal sports betting here and maybe never for non-Tribal gaming.

  5. Allowing state gambling and especially advertising from gambling sites will further corrupt a game that many feel is “rigged”. Now, we truly have something to consider when hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on NFL games.

    Many people will have many reasons to bribe/coerce officials.

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