49ers hope Jimmy Garoppolo can return this year after no surgery recommendation

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The 49ers placed Jimmy Garoppolo on injured reserve this week. The quarterback’s high-ankle sprain will not require surgery, coach Kyle Shanahan said Friday, leaving open the possibility that Garoppolo can return this season.

“Good news from the doctors that none of them are recommending surgery right now,” Shanahan said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “So we are not going do anything for this four to six weeks. Rest it, and then we will re-evaluate and hopefully, it heals up the way the doctors are anticipating and he will be good to go then, and not need surgery.”

Garoppolo originally injured his ankle Week 2 against the Jets. He missed two games and returned for four before re-injuring the ankle.

Shanahan described it as a second, more severe sprain on the same ankle.

So maybe Garoppolo has taken his final snap in San Francisco, but maybe not. If Garoppolo becomes healthy enough, his return could hinge on whether the 49ers still are in the race for a playoff berth.

But as long as Garoppolo remains out, Nick Mullens will start with C.J. Beathard as his backup.

“It’s firmly Nick,” Shanahan said. “As I’ve always kind of said, I feel good with both Nick and C.J. They are always pretty neck and neck for me, but I’m not going to just bounce them back and forth.

“Something would have to happen to make a change, and Nick wasn’t the reason that happened last night, and that’s why he will get the first opportunity versus New Orleans [in Week 10].”

16 responses to “49ers hope Jimmy Garoppolo can return this year after no surgery recommendation

  1. “49ers hope Jimmy Garoppolo can return this year.” Yeah, me too! Will be awesome to have Jimmy G and his guaranteed two picks per game to look forward to!

  2. Jimmy G is a bust, dudes been a huge waste of money thus far. Jimmy G is the worst QB inside the NFC-W & Jared Goff is in that division so i’m really saying something there. At his 2nd season (pretty much) ending injury as little as two years you know HC Kyle Shanahan is going to move on from Jimmy G the second the new league year begins in 2021. Kyle Shanahan can’t consistently contend inside the NFC-W, with the rise of Kyler Murray along w/ Russell Wilson Shannahan probably knows even if Jimmy G is healthy he wont be able to build a contending team with Jimmy at QB. Not only is Jimmy G injury prone but his accuracy is hit and miss and Jimmy G CANT Throw-Deep!!!! Which that not only handicaps Kyle Shanahan as a play caller it removes a large part of Kyle’s playbook that he wants to be using as he believes his offense would be lethal with a QB who could throw deep reliably.
    What i’m getting at is I think the 49ers are… Not all out tanking on purpose but they will now likely play young guys & backups saying they’re getting a look “for the future” and they wont rush ANY of their star players back from the IR list all with the goal in mind to draft as high as possible. I’d bet SF ends up with a top 5 pick but at worst no lower than 7th overall. And then I know this sounds crazy but Shanahan loves Sam Darnold and u know he thinks he can fix him. I wouldn’t be surprised if KS picked up Darnold at a discount and addressed other areas with his top pick. If he does draft a QB I think it will be Justin Fields. Either way though Jimmy G is as good as gone he just doesn’t know it yet.

  3. Can we please stop with the “Kyle Shanahan is a good coach” narrative?

    This is going to be the third season where the 49ers lose almost all of their games Porn Star Jimmy doesn’t start.

    Bill O’Brien was winning games with QBs much worse than Nick Mullens, and CJ Beathard. He also went 5-6 with Brian Hoyer whereas Shanahan couldn’t win one game with him.

  4. Not sure how much his salary effects the cap if he stays a 9ER next year but, the front office should try and hold onto Jimmy for next season. Then Draft a QB to learn under Jimmy for a year and move on from Jimmy after next season or trade him at the trade deadline and let the rookie takeover. Depending on how Jimmy performs to begin next season..

  5. According to The Sporting News, “trading Garoppolo when the new league year begins in March would recoup $24.1 million against the cap, with the 49ers eating only the $2.8 million difference in dead money.” It would make perfect sense to dump the oft-injured inaccurate glam-boy, but after all the effort Lynch and Shanny made to snag their “golden boy,” they are probably too proud to admit their mistake — an all-too familiar situation under the “leadership” of the Yorks.

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