Davante Adams: “I’m the best wide receiver in the game”

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Davante Adams caught 10 passes for 173 yards and a touchdown in the Packers’ win over the 49ers on Thursday night, and afterward he was ready to call himself the best wide receiver in the NFL.

Asked whether he considers himself the top receiver in football, Adams agreed that he does.

“I think that’s fair to say,” Adams said. “I think that’s not being conceited; that’s just being confident. I think obviously what I’ve done and what I’m going to continue to do is going to prove that, to anybody who isn’t on board with that. At the end of the day, I’ll tell you yes, absolutely, I think I’m the best wide receiver in the game, but there’s a lot of things that go into me being able to make that statement.”

Adams is averaging 112.5 receiving yards per game, best in the NFL. He’s making a strong case, not only with his words but also with his play, that he’s the best receiver in the NFL.

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  1. Play it, don’t say it. Should’ve stayed inbounds on the last two TD opportunities. Take the second-guessing out of it and score touchdowns.

    Love Jimi.

  2. Toot your own horn much, Davante? Unless you were Jerry Rice, best for this accolade to come from outside the organization.

  3. Giving yourself the title of best receiver in the game, is kind of like giving yourself a nickname. It doesn’t work.

    -George “T-Bone” Costanza.

  4. Conceited.
    Playing against a team that’s short handed, of course you’ll put up big numbers.

  5. Is Adams trying out a new comdey career we all know nothing about? Adams is definitely NOT the best WR in the game, he’s one of them but not thee best. I’d take both Hopkins and Michael Thomas over Adams Thomas has just been banged up this year. Hopkins on the other hand has the best hands we’ve ever seen in the NFL next to Larry Fitzgerald/Jerry Rice and Hopkins is not only the best route runner but leads the NFL in both receptions and yardage on pace for 130+ receptions and 1600YDs. Hopkins has a very good chance to break the all-time season reception record by a WR this year which Thomas currently holds.

  6. Sorry, no, Hopkins is. Numbers aren’t as impressive when you play for an elite QB with no other real recieving option.

  7. On one hand you could say Rodgers helps make him that good. On the other hand he’s often the only serious receiving threat they have. If only Green Bay had drafted another wide out or two the last few years…

  8. Why are wideouts such divas? So what, you BELIEVE you are the best. Tell it to the team when contract time comes.

  9. He’s definitely good but I wouldn’t put him ahead of Julio Jones or Michael Thomas.

  10. Lol. Ok, nice aggregate stats this year but while he’s AVERAGING over 100 yards a game he actually only has three 100 yard games. Those huge games came against the Vikings, Texans and Niners…in his career he only has one 1,000 yard receiving year and he plays with Aaron Rodgers…so it’s been a nice stretch but cool the jets on being the best WR in the league.

  11. here’s what wrong with this statement. First, you had D3 DB’s from Alfred College “covering” youo
    2nd, that was quite possibly the worst “NFL” game Ive seen in a long time. Did someone forget to remind SF that they had a game last nite? NFL is just about at the point where they are trying to stick the landing of the Shark Jump. The landing is not going to be pretty. Im seeing many broken bones

    As long as the owners, advertisers and the networks are happy, NFL will put any garbage on the air that even remotely resembles a football game, thats plain to see from watching that dumpster fire of a game

  12. Adam’s has confidence. He should. He’s good. There are quite a few WRs who could look like the best wr if they played with Aaron Rodgers.

  13. He’s definitely on the short list of who’s in the conversation. And should remain there for another 3 seasons or so.

  14. Was thinking about this last night when they said he lead the league in TD’s. Pretty impressive for a guy whose missed a couple games. I can’t really think of anyone I’d take over DA right now.

  15. I was raised to believe that anyone who has to tell you that they are the best at something, probably isn’t the best. He’s probably top 5… But take away Aaron Rogers and he falls out of top 5.

  16. Im someone who hates NFL players who are full of themself, I also really hate the Packers. That said I dont think Davante is wrong, at all, He is truly incredible to watch. His footwork makes him open on almost every play and then he uses that footwork after the catch to completely embarrass anyone trying to tackle him

  17. Um…No, Davante, you’re not the best in the game. I can think of at least 5 WR’s I’d prefer on my team than you…..Keep working buddy!

  18. Hand to god, I know he is good, and I’d maybe put him top 5, but I wouldn’t take him over Lockett or Metcalf on my Hawks. That’s not me hating at all, that’s me being honest.

  19. Sorry…the best WR in the game just returned to work in Tampa Bay. And he has a huge chip on his shoulder.

  20. People saying he’s good bc of AR12. That’s partly true, but DA17 also had a good season when AR12 broke his collarbone and horrible Hundley was throwing passes.

  21. He only has ONE 1,000 yard season in his career. Let that sink in. Pay the man tho :-p

  22. cheeseisfattening says:
    November 6, 2020 at 5:34 am
    Adams is good no doubt. Looks like being Rodgers teammate is rubbing off on him.

    That’s not unheard of. The best players are expected to make the players around them better.

  23. If only there was a way to measure this! It’s not like he said, “of all time.” That would be Don Hutson.

  24. minny says:
    November 6, 2020 at 6:18 am
    The Vikings don’t agree. Remember last weekend?

    Of course! Who could already forget yet another Viking “SuperBowl?”

  25. I really don’t understand the criticism from fans when players make statements like this. First of all, he was RESPONDING to a question. He wasn’t marching down the street parading that he is the best in the game. Secondly, these guys train to be the best. Winners want to be the best and project themselves to be the best. Honestly, do you expect him to say “honestly, I’d say I am probably the 4th best receiver right now.” ???

  26. 1. Hopkins
    2. Julio Jones
    3. Michael Thomas (could have been #1 if playing)
    4. Devante Adams
    5. DK Metcalf

  27. Hopkins
    AJ Brown

    Yeah, you’re somewhere in the 6-10 range buddy boy

  28. You’d be right DA if Michael Thomas, D Hop, Julio, and even Keenan Allen weren’t in the league. You have issues staying on the field and have 1 1k season. You’re really good and i have no issue with you answering that question like you did. I expect nothing less from a good confident competitor. But, you’re just wrong is all.

  29. Except when you and your boy Aaron play a top defense lol. Keep piling up stats vs garbage teams and act like you’re the best. Do that again in the playoffs and you might be top 5.

  30. According to Pro Football Focus, Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in the league.

  31. Nothing to criticize in regards to that statement. He was ASKED if he thinks he’s the best WR. What do you expect him to say?

  32. He was asked the question and he answered it. I imagine to be even one of the best you have to have the mindset that you are the best. A lot of hate from the board with his answer but in my eyes I don’t see another receiver that is hands down better than him right now.

  33. Hmmm…Spoken like he either forgot or doesn’t know that the Colts, Lions and Titans are left on the schedule.

    And it’s not that these team have elite cover guys they just hit.

  34. The only athlete in my time who could pull this stunt off (and it was true) was Muhammed Ali.

  35. It’s a lot easier to put up stats in a 1 WR offense with a good but not great running game.

    Also, 5 of his TD’s and a lot of his stats have come against the backup rookie CB’s the Vikings have been fielding this year.

  36. I’m the best wide receiver in the game”

    That maybe true, but let someone else say it.

  37. stellarperformance


    Welcome back! Feeling good about beating the 49ers practice squad after they sold at the trade deadline?

  38. I disagree. Adams is not the best WR in the game. He has a pass-happy accurate QB that tends to have his favorite targets… that doesn’t make you the best. There are many great receivers in the game, but I don’t think there is a hands down #1 guy. Each WR has his own strong traits like:
    Mike Evans… who is amazing at tracking the ball.
    Tyreek Hill… Is too fast for corners and has great hands.
    Adam Thielen… Great route runner with great hands.
    Julian Edelman… tough and good in crunch time.
    Stefon Diggs… Amazing hands and pristine route running.
    Keenan Allen… Great hands and clutch.
    Michael Thomas… Great at boxing out CB’s with amazing hands.
    There are at least 25 receivers that could be argued as one of the best in the game, but no clear winner.

  39. Nothing wrong with believing you are the best. But like anything in life, luck plays a role. Teams help you to shine. Imagine if he’s on the Jets, Giants, New England or Baltimore? His numbers would not be looking as good. Stay healthy. He’s signed through 2021 (Rodgers is signed through 2023 when he will be 40).

  40. Until he shows up on the big stage and dominates he’s just another diva receiver who’s more worried about himself instead of his team winning championships .

  41. These reporters ask players these kinds of questions hoping to get “sound bite” answers. The players never let them down.
    Just once I’d like to see a player not fall into that trap.

  42. Missed 40% of games last 3 years, led the league last year in drops and had fumbled 4 times already this season. Not good!

  43. Davante Adams team beats a totally depleted Forty Niners team, and he thinks that he won the Super Bowl.

    Davante is good, but Hopkins and Metcalf are arguably better.

  44. Here’s a response that could have worked…

    ” There’s some great receivers out there and I consider myself to be among them but it’s hard to say who’s the best… my goal is to one day have people say I was the best they ever saw”

    Adams is among the elite receivers in the game, no question.

  45. TurnOffTheRadio says:
    November 6, 2020 at 1:52 pm
    Take away Aaron, then what?


    That happened in 2017 when he averaged 60 yards a game

  46. Davante didn’t walk in busting out with “I’m the best receiver in the game”. He was asked. What was he supposed to say…” no, not really”?

  47. If any of you could simply look beyond the headline, you’d see what Davante was talking about.

    First of all, this wasn’t a declaration from him, he was asked a direct question about whether he felt that he was the best WR in football this year.
    Secondly, he was speaking purely about the confidence he has in himself and how hard he’s worked to get here.

    This is the expanded quote, per Rob Demovsky, ESPN:

    “I truly believe that, just based off of the work that I’ve put in [and] the connection I have between my quarterback,” Adams said, continuing to state his case while noting several times that he wanted to come across as confident but not conceited. “It’s not just about me just running a route. If the line isn’t protecting or if the quarterback doesn’t look your way or if the other receivers don’t do their part to pull defenders away, none of what I do can happen. So at the end of the day, I’ll tell you, yes, absolutely, I think I’m the best wide receiver in the game, but there’s a lot of things that go into me being able to make that statement.”

    I watched his press conference live and he was very humble in acknowledging all the pieces around him that allow him to post the numbers and perform at the level he does.

    Who the best WR in football is a very subjective thing, and for the record, I don’t believe that Davante Adams is the best, but that doesn’t diminish how amazing it is to watch him work week in and week out.

  48. Toot your own horn much, Davante? Unless you were Jerry Rice, best for this accolade to come from outside the organization.

    Oh c’mon! Everyone knows Rice is the most overrated WR in NFL history. Nobody has had two HOF QBs throwing him then all like Rice. There are 10+ WRs who would have put up Rice’s stats had they had his QBs.

  49. I’m a Packers fan and that would be a hard no from me. He dominates bad teams/secondaries but disappears whenever they play a good team.

  50. DK Metcalf is a vastly better receiver, simply because can outmatch anyone in a secondary. Like Megatron, he looks like a man playing against boys out there. And he makes huge plays every week. It’s laughable that anyone would put D Adams over Metcalf. Just blatantly absurd.

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