Lamar Jackson: I can’t wait to have Dez Bryant on the field on Sundays

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is loving what he’s seeing from practice squad wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Jackson said Bryant has impressed on the practice field and will be a major contributor to the Ravens’ offense when he gets called up to the active roster.

“Oh man, he’s a great route runner, strong hands, he’s dialed into the playbook; he’s always asking me questions about the playbook – stuff like that,” Jackson said, via USA Today. “He wants to compete. I just can’t wait until he gets out there with us on Sundays and fully practices with us.”

Bryant hasn’t played in an NFL game since the end of the 2017 season, so he has three years of rust to knock off. But Jackson sounds confident Bryant will be ready to go soon.

13 responses to “Lamar Jackson: I can’t wait to have Dez Bryant on the field on Sundays

  1. Those sound like promising words coming out of camp. I hope it works out and our passing game can get moving along again.

  2. A great route runner? Since when? It’s more likely they have him practicing blocking for Lamar.

  3. If Bryant is successful, every player who’s been out of the league for the last 3 years will be lining up to make comebacks.

  4. Cowboys fan here… I love Dez’s attitude and his will to win. He got a bad rap sometimes in in Dallas as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Well if he can draw attention away from Andrews on the short and intermediate routes it could open some opportunities. Plus who doesn’t want to see Dez, with that massive chip on his shoulder, going for a contested catch.

  6. Of course he’s excited. Look at the size of Bryant, he’ll be a much better blocker for Lamar than Hollywood Brown!

  7. I’m not buying it and won’t buy it until I see Dez Bryant prove it on the field. I personally think Dez is going to be used as a blocker tonight as some new QB centric run plays they’ve came up with. We will see tonight but I don’t see a 30+ year old WR who hasn’t played in 3yrs doing all that much in the passing game tonight.

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