Andy Reid calls himself “dumb” for not hiring Matt Rhule

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Panthers coach Matt Rhule will face off on Sunday, but they once could have been on the same staff, if not for a decision that Reid now calls himself “dumb” for.

For six seasons while Reid was coach of the Eagles, Rhule was an assistant at nearby Temple. Reid’s son spent time as a graduate assistant for the Temple football program, and told his dad what a great addition Rhule would be to the Eagles’ staff, but Reid didn’t hire him, and Rhule took a job on the division rival Giants’ staff.

Which was a dumb thing,” Reid said, via ESPN. “I should have found a spot. The next thing I know, he’s with the Giants. I was, ‘My god, that was not where I wanted him to go.'”

Reid’s son knew Rhule was going to do big things in coaching.

“My son just kept saying, ‘This guy is an unbelievable football coach,'” Reid said. “‘He’s just so smart. He knows both sides of the ball. He can coach anything. I’m just telling you, he’s a star down the road.’ At the time I had a good staff and I didn’t have room to bring somebody in. There was no space, period.”

Reid has an impressive coaching tree. Five current NFL head coaches (John Harbaugh, Doug Pederson, Ron Rivera, Sean McDermott and Matt Nagy) have been assistants under Reid, and several former head coaches were Reid assistants as well. But Rhule is the one who got away.

15 responses to “Andy Reid calls himself “dumb” for not hiring Matt Rhule

  1. Temple baby. Rhule was a cool cat at Temple when he was the QBs coach and HC. When he was pumped up to replace Coach DeLeone as OC, he tried to be too much like Coach Golden. But he found his voice. He’s earned his spot. Coach Golden left him and the offensive side of the ball for dead when he was hired at the U 10’years ago. Now, look at Golden’s career as a position coach in the NFL and Rhule having great success as a college coach and AG struggling at the U. Just a lesson on why you should treat people fairly, you never know how it will all play out.

  2. “There was no space, period.”

    I find it hard to believe you couldn’t make up a title and have him help breakdown tape or assist someone with something if you genuinely felt how talented he was at the time.

    Sounds like 20/20 hindsight and you blowing off your kid at the time more than anything.

  3. Lol….didn’t have room???? Andy… you had Matt Nagy in the room. You DEFINITLEY could have made room by kicking Nagy’s sorry butt to the curb.

  4. Sounds like everything is working out pretty well for both coaches. Andy is headed to the HOF. Amazingly he was able to do that without hiring Rhule. Rhule looks like he has what it takes. He was definitely the coach I would have hired if I were an owner. Win, win.

  5. Will never forget Philly fans running Andy out of Penn. Philly fans are the craziest of the lot

  6. It’s pretty hilarious that even to this day these obvious Eagle fans can’t praise Reid for attempting to give them his best while coaching their team. Instead they still want to knock him down. I guess they never made a mistake in their lives. And if they did they wouldn’t admit it! Pretty sad!

  7. Andy Reid is everything a franchise wants in a coach. There isn’t a team out there outside of maybe NE or Seattle that wouldn’t trade for his services. KC was very fortunate to land him back in 13. Chiefs have steadily climbed the ranks of elite teams since then. That mans getting a statue in KC along with his HOF bust.

  8. Nothing like that Belichick coaching tree of Mangini, Weis, Crennel, Patricia, and BOB. Barf

  9. “Nothing like that Belichick coaching tree of Mangini, Weis, Crennel, Patricia, and BOB. Barf”

    No truer words…

    Signed Desperate in Detroit

  10. And Bieniemy will be a Head Coach next year. Hopefully for the Texans. And ‘youse’ guys above are 100% correct; Philly fans are just the pits. Awful. Even threw snowballs at Santa. Anyone dumb enough to go to any Philadelphia pro sports game wearing or even rooting for the opposing team which get into a fight.

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