Home-field advantage has been virtually nonexistent this season

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Empty and reduced-capacity stadiums seem to be eliminating home-field advantage in the NFL this season.

The season is almost half over, and so far this season there’s been almost no home-field advantage at all: Home teams have won just one more game than road teams.

The easiest explanation is that home crowds are an advantage: It’s harder for the visiting team’s quarterback to call signals on a big third down when 80,000 fans are screaming at the tops of their lungs, but this season no stadium has 80,000 fans, or anything close to that.

It’s also possible that other factors are involved — and that the lack of home-field advantage so far this season won’t continue over the second half of the season. But for now, it appears that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a real impact on the season by taking away the advantage of playing at home.

15 responses to “Home-field advantage has been virtually nonexistent this season

  1. It is also just getting to the time of year that outdoor stadiums will potentially provide an advantage.

  2. After 42 years finally giving up my season
    tickets, so much happier watching from home with no hassle in addition to saving thousands of dollars. ☺

  3. Angel: You said it best. Any thought process that didnt see that coming was ignorance. Home field advantage is 90% created by 65,000 fans screaming in your favor. Weather rarely favors 1 team over another: both teams have to execute in the same conditions. Any idea that the loss of fans would NOT minimize a home field advantage is really just another slap in the face of the American fan base. Professional sports does respect their fans. We arent part if ” their” equation. The equation has been reduced to Very Rich owners and the Spoiled young athletes who lack fundamentals…..but can dance around a field when they happen to make an occasional play. Fans…..dont count.

  4. Um yeah, I thought we all knew this. Football fields are identical in size and dimensions. The only difference are the fans.

  5. True but you can’t tell me playing on your own field isn’t home field advantage despite the records crowd or no crowd.

  6. Here in Florida EVERY STADIUM can be at FULL CAPACITY, according to Governor DeSantis. BUT teams can still say no!

  7. Usually the home team gets the calls too; that’s why the Vikings getting 5 calls at Lambeau was so shocking.
    It’s proof that reeling in the fans is the bottom line; couldn’t let all us Viking fans tune out after 7 games even with Cousins and Zimmer.

  8. uhohlol says:
    November 7, 2020 at 12:13 pm
    Seattle is undefeated at home this year. They were .500 at home last year.
    Yes because it’s obvious they are a better team this year, so they will have more wins.

  9. steelcurtainn says:
    November 7, 2020 at 10:35 am

    True but you can’t tell me playing on your own field isn’t home field advantage despite the records crowd or no crowd.

    The home team, on average, will win 57% of the time during the regular season. This year they have not hit 51%, so there is no evident advantage this year.

    You have to remember though that perennially good teams like the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, and Saints win 70% – 75% of their home games. During the regular season winning depends more on being good than being at home. In the playoffs though, home field is much more important because both teams are “good” but the home team wins 60% – 65% of the time.

  10. The NFL only averaged 66,151 fans per game last year. Only the Cowboys averaged more than 80,000 (and they averaged over 90,000).

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