Alex Smith will start for Washington next week

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Alex Smith will make his first start since 2018 when Washington faces the Lions next weekend.

Head coach Ron Rivera made the announcement after Sunday’s 23-20 loss to the Giants. Smith came on in relief of Kyle Allen after Allen was carted off with an ankle injury in the first quarter.

Smith’s last start came in Week 11 of the 2018 season and it ended with him being carted out with a serious leg injury of his own. Watching Allen’s injury brought back some memories for Smith.

“Obviously a ton of emotions going on for me right then. . . . Then they bring out the aircast and the cart. I know that routine well,” Smith said, via Ben Standig of

Smith was 24-of-32 for 325 yards and a touchdown, but threw a pair of interceptions in the final minutes that dashed the Football Team’s comeback hopes.

15 responses to “Alex Smith will start for Washington next week

  1. As a Cowboys fan, I have nothing but respect for Alex. The segment today of Alex rehabbing at the Army medical center in Texas was amazing.

  2. But they lost to the Giants anyway.

    David Muehlhausen says:
    WSH will win the East now probably.

  3. The amount of courage it would take to come back to the game after what it almost took from him is unimaginable. His love for the game shows. Tremendous story.

  4. You could start Betty Crocker against the Lions. They still have the Ford family running the team. No chance at all.

  5. Alex looked good. He has an arm. He can move well enough. No question he’s the best qb on the roster. I just hope he doesn’t get injured.

  6. Dwayne Haskins threw for over 300 yards with ZERO turnovers, against the Ravens defense and Rivera insulted him after the game and benched him for worthless scrub, Kyle Allen. He was terrible, but Rivera kept making excuses for him and kept starting him. Now, Alex Smith throws 3 terrible INT’s and Rivera makes a bunch of excuses for him and starts him again next week. The double-standard is obvious.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Jones leads the world in turnovers and the Giants organization and the fans still praise him, make excuses for him and call him a franchise QB. That double-standard is also glaring. Rivera NEVER would have been able to gat away with what he did to Dwayne Haskins if he were white. The fact of the matter is, the fans and the media in Washington NEVER wanted Dwayne Haskins. From the second he was drafted, they bashed him. If Rivera had benched a white QB after four games, in a new offense, with no preseason, after he threw for over 300 yards against a great Ravens’ defense, the fans and media would have been up in arms. Especially when the QB’s that replaced him were Kyle Allen and Alex Smith. People keep calling Alex Smith a “great story”. Call me crazy, but i thought winning football games was more important than great stories. But it’s just another excuse not to start Dwayne Haskins; even though he is BY FAR the best QB on their roster.

  7. ocdn says:
    November 8, 2020 at 6:38 pm
    You could start Betty Crocker against the Lions. They still have the Ford family running the team. No chance at all.


    “Hold my beer.”

    -Dan Snyder

  8. I was expecting a big year from kyle allen sad to see his season is most likely done. He has alot of potential

  9. I’d rather they promote & play the former CU QB Montez and see what he’s got…9 running plays in this game for the skins is sorry…

  10. lol Washington deserves their misery. Hired a dude who had just gotten fired after wasting tons of talent in Carolina. Promptly benches their highly drafted QB because he didn’t know the Riverboat “system”, whatever that is. Apparently it’s a trash system since Allen and Smith combined have the same amount of wins and yard and more turnovers than the guy they benched hahaha. But hey, tearjerker to see Smith on the field. A coach that doesn’t want to coach his players up, but hope that the vets will just do everything for him.

  11. If Haskins would have thrown 3 picks he would have been shamed in a very public way by this coach then threatened with a benching. Yet Coach doesn’t dare criticize Alex Smith or Kyle Allen because he respects these men. The elephant in the room is becoming more obvious each passing week.

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