Dalvin Cook joins short list of highly-productive players

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As goes Dalvin Cook, so go the Vikings. And lately Cook has been going, unlike most have ever gone.

Consider this: Per the NFL, Cook’s 252 yards from scrimmage in a 34-20 win over the Lions coupled with 225 yards from scrimmage in last week’s upset of the Packers, coupled with his two touchdowns today and four from last weekend, makes him only the third player in league history to have 225 or more yards from scrimmage and two or more touchdowns in consecutive games.

Jim Brown did it in 1963, and Deuce McAllister duplicated it in 2003.

Cook also matched Emmitt Smith by scoring a rushing touchdown in each of his first seven games of the season. Cook’s 12 rushing touchdowns in seven games are fourth most in league history, behind Jim Brown (14 in 1958) and Emmitt Smith and Priest Holmes, who had 13 rushing touchdowns in seven games in 1995 and 2004, respectively.

8 responses to “Dalvin Cook joins short list of highly-productive players

  1. He’s faster and quicker than everyone else on the field and it’s while the ball is in his hands. Dude is a complete freak of an athlete.

  2. DEUUUUUCE! Dude was big AND fast! Jan 2007 against Philly he carries half of the Philly D for abot 8 yards for a TD!

  3. Tired of hearing how RBs are a dime a dozen – EVERY middle-of the road talent playing any position is easily replaceable.

    A great RB is like a Queen on a chess board – not as important as the King (QB) but is the most usable/versatile position on the board.

    Dalvin makes Kirk Cousins “look” like an NFL QB. Without a strong run game Kirk is absolutely awful ( we saw that for a couple of series in the Seattle game). But when the run game is hot, Kirk can play competently out of play-action.

    A great RB/run game is a QB’s BFF

  4. Cook is the only reason my fantasy team is relevant this year! Dude is having one hell of a season. Looks like MN might be heating up at the right time.

  5. If only we had a complimentary QB. o-line is getting better, Cook and Mattison, 2 good WRs and 2 good TEs… but then there’s Cousins.

  6. stellarperformance says:
    November 9, 2020 at 5:55 am
    Kinda reminds me of the pedestal Peterson was placed on years ago.


    Cook should be, I respect the body of work AP did with the Vikings but Cook is better. Better pass catcher, when called upon to pick up the blitz he can and he’s quicker on his feet. Biggest difference is that Cook is more paitent runner with his blockers. He plants his foot and boom, AP dances too much. As of today he leads the league in rushing……nuff said

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