J.J. Watt becomes fourth fastest pass rusher to 100 sacks

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Texans pass rusher J.J. Watt recorded the 100th sack of his career Sunday. It came in his 120th career game.

Only Pro Football Hall of Famers Reggie White (96 games) and Bruce Smith (114) along with future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware (113) reached 100 sacks in fewer games since 1982 when sacks became an official statistic, according to the NFL.

“I’ve said it before: I appreciate the sentiment and everything,” Watt said. “I probably should’ve done this three or four years ago, so it’s not necessarily . . . It’s a big deal, but to me it’s past due. Like I told the guys in there, anytime a personal achievement in this game is accomplished, it’s because of many, many people. It’s never just one person. This is the ultimate team game. It’s all my teammates, linebackers and DBs covering, D-linemen helping push the pocket, offense putting teams in tough situations where you get to rush the passer in the fourth quarter. All that stuff comes together. All the people behind the scenes helping you out. It’s a team sport, and while it’s me who got to the 100 today, there’s a whole lot of people who had a hand in that, so I’m thankful to all them.”

Watt, 31, has four sacks in eight games this season after getting four in eight games last season. He had 16 sacks in 2018, his last double-digit sack season. He also had his 25th forced fumble Sunday in the Texans’ 27-25 win over the Jaguars.

“J.J. is a tremendous athlete and a tremendous pro,” coach Romeo Crennel said. “In my time here with J.J., he has done a little bit of everything. He intercepts balls. He causes fumbles. He tackles in the backfield. He invades the run and rushes the passer. He does it all. I feel really good about him getting his 100th sack. As he said, he appreciates getting his 100th sack with a team victory.”

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  1. He pretends like he forgets to mention he should have done this years ago every time he is has been asked about the 100 sacks.

  2. Watt and Gronk are both guys who could have stretched the record books if health had been on their sides.

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