Josh Allen, Bills defense star in 44-34 win over Seahawks

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Russell Wilson played in Buffalo for the first time as an NFL player on Sunday and he’s unlikely to be in a hurry to return.

Wilson turned the ball over four times and got sacked five times as the Bills outlasted the Seahawks for a 44-34 victory. Wilson threw three interceptions in a loss to Arizona earlier this year and has now turned the ball over seven times in Seattle’s two losses this season.

While the Bills Defense was making life difficult for Wilson, Josh Allen was thriving despite a Seattle pass rush that came up with seven sacks of their own. Allen was 31-of-38 for 415 yards and three touchdowns. He also ran for a fourth quarter touchdown that put the Bills up 41-20 after the Seahawks had closed within seven points.

Buffalo’s defense got two sacks and a forced fumble by A.J. Klein, a sack and fumble from Jerry Hughes and a key early interception in the end zone by Jordan Poyer. That pick kept the Seahawks down by two scores and ensured they’d be playing catchup for the rest of the afternoon.

The final score reflects some stat padding by the Seahawks, who got touchdown passes to Chris Moore and DK Metcalf that made the final score look a bit more presentable. Wilson’s turnovers and the defense’s inability to force any of their own conspired to make those 34 points nowhere near enough to get the job done this weekend.

While the defense was not good enough overall, the return of safety Jamal Adams and arrival of defensive end Carlos Dunlap paid some dividends. Dunlap had a sack, two quarterback hits and three tackles for loss while Adams had 1.5 sacks, three quarterback hits and a tackle for loss.

They’ll try to do more of the same against the Rams next weekend. The 7-2 Bills will move on to Arizona and the Seahawks will be hoping they have a similar performance in store for their NFC West rivals.

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  1. For the first several weeks the Seahawks played horrible defense but we’re bailed out by the stellar play of Russell Wilson. The last 2 weeks was an example of Russ not having the luxury of an off week. He has no running game to lean on. No defense to speak of. It’s unfortunate, but that is the reality of the situation.

  2. Seahawks (-3) at Bills

    MDS’s take: The Bills got off to such a hot start, but they just aren’t the same team in recent weeks. The Seahawks will cruise.

    MDS’s pick: Seahawks 28, Bills 17.

    Florio’s take: The Bills still can’t quite get back the magic of the first four weeks of the season. The Seahawks continue to have a special season, Arizona glitch notwithstanding.

    Florio’s pick: Seahawks 30, Bills 20.



  3. Congrats to Buffalo but I wouldn’t get to excited about scoring on Seattle, their defense has been terrible all year. If they do not fire Norton they will be going too far.

  4. Josh Allen was MVP level his first 4 games. He went down with a injury to his non throwing shoulder at the end of the Raiders game and came back in to finish off the win.

    His shoulder has been on the injury report ever since. Yet, every talking head said it was a fluke and the real Josh Allen is back to suck.

    Amazing how many people can get paid to talk sports yet not once did anyone bring up he’s playing through an injury because he’s a gd Cantaloupe Farmer who is tough as nails.

  5. It’s a shame the Bills don’t play like this every single game. Then again, no team does.

  6. Who would’ve thought the Jets would offer up more defensive resistance than the Seahawks. That D even with Adams and Dunlap is atrocious. Allen had his way today but I’m sure the haters will find a way to discredit his play.

  7. Josh Allen deserves to have his name put back in the dark horse MVP conversation.

  8. Where are they?

    Where are all the Chicken Hawks who are the first to dish it out but NEVER take it?

    I guess beating up on depleted/injured rosters doesn’t automatically make you a champion.

  9. I loved it in the playoffs last year when the Packers earned the game winning 1st down and Carroll threw a tantrum like a toddler whose mom wouldn’t buy him that toy.

  10. Best thing that could have happened to the Seahawks. Whenever Wilson believes his hype… He struggles… On top of that… Ken Norton Jr. Is a dumpster fire and shoild be put out of our misery… The defensive equivalent of Darrel Bevell

  11. Josh Allen is legit. And this coming from a Miami fan.
    Bills will run away with the AFCE this season.
    Next season will be a different story though.

  12. Seahawks are the prime example of overpaying your QB. Only a few Wild Card wins since Wilson got the big contract, one of those WC wins being against a back up QB.

  13. Wilson is an imposter in the MVP hunt. He is trash when it counts. Also, with a historically bad defense how do they keep these coaches around? Thankfully stubborn old goat Pete won’t fix it.

  14. You can tell that the talking heads Never actually watch a Bills game. Allen played 2 games in downpours with 30-40 mph winds. They only look at the stats and give their analysis based on stats. You have to ask yourself, why do they still have jobs ? How many posters on this site who LOVE football and were making $500,000- $3,000,000 would actually watch the games they comment on ?

  15. Wilson surely didn’t look like an MVP on the field today, but the guy on the other side surely did.

  16. NFL Research
    · 1h
    Josh Allen is the 1st QB in the Super Bowl era with 400+ pass yds, 3+ pass TD, 0 INT & a 130+ passer rating in multiple games in a season

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes are the only other players with multiple such games in their careers

  17. Who was that sidekick on Fox? Huard? What a biased homer. Was on a first name basis with every Seahawk. It was nauseating

  18. arcross12042004scorp15 says:
    November 8, 2020 at 6:20 pm
    NFL Research says –

    Josh Allen is the 1st QB in the Super Bowl era with 400+ pass yds, 3+ pass TD, 0 INT & a 130+ passer rating in multiple games in a season

    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes are the only other players with multiple such games in their careers.

    Only difference is those guys have SB rings

  19. Typical Jamal Adams day, sacks, quarteback hits, QB pressures, critical blown coverages, awful costly penalties at the worst time, and disgruntled on the sideline. He makes the defense better, but is a liability in pass coverage, and his “passion” leads to awful penalties and sideline arguments. Too bad for him that on critical 3rd downs you usually wnat your safety playing coverage. Still, ironically after all that, the jets def misses him terribly.

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