Josh Allen played Sunday after grandmother’s death on Saturday

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen played one of the best games of his career on Sunday and he did it with a heavy heart.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott told reporters after the game that Allen learned his grandmother died on Saturday night.

“I don’t think that came close but it’s always a consideration, right, when you experience things like this,” McDermott told PFT by phone. “That always could happen. I think Josh certainly felt it last night but when I asked him, he said he wanted to play. I really appreciate that he wanted to play and that he stuck it out. You’ve got to be able to compartmentalize that for 24 hours so that you can focus and do your job and I thought he did a great job of that today and players rallied around him.”

When asked if he said anything to Allen about it before Sunday’s game, McDermott said he didn’t and “just wanted it to be normal for him more than anything.”

Allen chose to play and threw for 415 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Bills to a 44-34 win over the Seahawks. The 415 yards matched a career high that Allen set in Week 2 this season and he’s now up to 19 passing touchdowns on the season.

5 responses to “Josh Allen played Sunday after grandmother’s death on Saturday

  1. Where all the Josh haters now? Eat your crow. I’ll admit as a Bills fan I was not thrilled with the draft pick at the time, but he is something. Just always makes me nervous when he is running around fighting for extra yards taking punishment. You have to remember he had very limited football experience when he entered the NFL. When you break down game counts, his second year in the NFL was more like his rookie year. Couldn’t be more pleased with his progression. He is fun to watch. Go Bills!

  2. He made her proud. Kid can flat out play. You Bills fans have a lot to look forward to.

    -pats fan

  3. Josh Allen can make EVERY throw.
    He’s a poor mans Patrick Mahomes and we’re all broke.

  4. Want to know what the Buffalo area is about? We watch over our own..
    A movement has started where we are donating $17 dollars to our Children’s hospital, where Josh frequently visits…in honor of Josh’s grandmother.

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