Kyle Allen out with leg injury, Alex Smith in for WFT

Getty Images

Washington quarterback Kyle Allen has been forced out of Sunday’s game against the Giants with an apparent left leg injury.

Allen was dropping back to pass late in the first quarter when his leg was hit by Giants safety Jabrill Peppers‘ leg. Peppers had been knocked off his feet while blitzing and his leg whipped Allen’s with enough force to create what looks like a rather serious injury.

Washington will now be quarterbacked by Alex Smith, who is all too familiar with serious leg injuries. We certainly hope that Allen’s is not as severe as the one that kept Smith out for nearly two years.

The Giants are up 10-0, but Washington was in their territory when Allen went down on a first-down play. Peppers was penalized for unnecessary roughness, so Smith took over on another first down.

UPDATE 1:57 p.m. ET: Allen has been ruled out with what the Washington Football Team is officially calling an ankle injury.