NFL defends controversial interception ruling in Ravens-Colts

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When the NFL makes a controversial decision on replay-review, the NFL often posts a video explaining the decision on social media.

It happened today, after an attempted interception by Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters resulted in a ruling of an incomplete pass. To overturn the decision on the field, the league office would be required to find clear and obvious evidence that the ruling on the field was wrong.

“We’re in Indianapolis, where the ruling on the field is that of an incomplete pass,” NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron explains while two different angles of the video are played. “After review, we have clear and obvious viusal evidence where the defender controls the football, takes three steps, fumbles the ball, and then is ulimtately recovered by the defense. Therefore, the ruling on the field was changed to an interception, and the defense keeps the ball, first and 10.”

The NFL’s latest attempt to define a catch (and also an interception) has tried to take something inherently subjective and make it objective. The third-step requirement does that, and Peters definitely took a third step.

The question is whether it was clear and obvious that Peters had possession of the ball while taking all three three steps. If you look at it once, he didn’t. Look at it again, he did. Watch it again, he didn’t.

That would seem to make the question of possession neither clear nor obvious. Which in this case arguably should have prompted the league to stick with the ruling on the field.

13 responses to “NFL defends controversial interception ruling in Ravens-Colts

  1. How in the world can they defend that call? The replay booth in New York is staffed by a bunch of clueless idiots. Why does the NFL defend those dolts?

  2. The most absurd ridiculous call I’ve ever seen. What a joke. If that exact same play happened to Tom Brady, there is a zero percent chance that is ruled an interception.

  3. Boo hoo! Once again the Colts fans just HAVE to bring their hatred of the Patriots into the story. Very sad!

  4. So Colts fans can’t understand how the NFL can make a mistake??? Seriously? After the many mistakes they made regarding deflate gate??? How ironic!!

  5. thermanmerman99 says:
    November 8, 2020 at 4:39 pm
    The most absurd ridiculous call I’ve ever seen. What a joke. If that exact same play happened to Tom Brady, there is a zero percent chance that is ruled an interception.
    Glad to see Tom Brady the GOAT still occupies so much time in your head!!!

  6. It was not a catch, but Rivers deserved that INT. Underthrew his receiver by about 10 yards. Heck of a play by the receiver to break up the easy INT.

  7. Goodell plays golf with Bisciotti at Augusta.

    He has been cheating for the for years. The Clark decapitation attempt on Doyle with no flag and no ejection, waa an absolute abominationz

    It’s just unbelievable week to week how he protects certain teams in games and goes after others.

    If that was Devin McCourty who threw his shoulder into his head like that, McCourty would absolutely get the 15 yd penalty and an ejection, and it would be the correct call, too.

    I can’t believe I am defending the slimy Colts, but that is how bad Baltimore is in terms of Goodell protection.

  8. Once again no life patriot fans are still obsessed with the Colts. How sad.
    This from the Colts fan who manages to post on EVERY Article on the Six time Super Bowl Champion Pats, LOL!

  9. Definitely not an INT. What an awful call. I see the same old commenters are showing their Ravens envy. Love it!

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