Philip Rivers blasts replay review of interception

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Colts quarterback Philip Rivers was not pleased when an incomplete pass he threw was changed to an interception by instant replay today.

Rivers said no player on either team — including Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters, who was credited with the interception — actually believed that Peters had caught Rivers’ pass. But the NFL’s officiating department said Peters had possession.

“It’s gotten so jacked up about how the catch rule is,” Rivers said. “Nobody that’s played any amount of football or been around the game watched that and thought it was a catch, including the guy that dropped it. But you can slow it down to milliseconds and you can make it a technicality about three feet touched the ground, even though somebody that’s sitting back, watching, probably hasn’t thrown a football in his life gets to call it.”

It’s easy to see why Rivers is upset. The NFL’s catch rule is what it is, but common sense says Peters did not have possession of the football.

8 responses to “Philip Rivers blasts replay review of interception

  1. Football move or feet doesn’t even come into the equation unless there’s control of the ball. No way in heck was that control. They completely botched that call.

  2. I called it before they went to review. The refs made the right call. And please don’t act like was the game deciding factor. The Ravens dominated the second half.

  3. Prior to the most recent revamp of the catch rule, the commissioner stated “People want to see catches.” This interception is the result of the decision to lean towards receptions vs. incompletions.

  4. According to the rule (as jacked up as it is) it was a catch whether you like it or not. It was also a fumble that was recovered by Peters. I wonder if the Whining Mr. Rivers would have said anything if his own receiver would have recovered the fumble. I think not.

  5. If Peters was in a better position to make a play on the ball than the receiver perhaps you shouldn’t have thrown the pass. The Ravens still had to go 52 yards to score and even if you take that score off you still lost.

  6. I find it rather amusing that Philip had an issue with the pick. It was the only one he tossed all game. Rivers is typically good for at least two per game! He should be grateful!

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