Ravens set record with 31 straight 20-point games

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The Baltimore Ravens aren’t known as an offensive juggernaut. But they;ve done something that none of the great offenses in league history ever accomplished.

Per the NFL’s Seven from Sunday statistical recap, the Ravens set a record on Sunday with their 31st consecutive game of 20 or more points.

The prior record, 30 straight games of 20 or more points, belonged to the 2012-14 Denver Broncos.

Baltimore’s streak began when Lamar Jackson replaced Joe Flacco as the starting quarterback. The Ravens scored 16 points in Flacco’s last start, against the Steelers on November 4, 2018.

In every regular-season game since then, Baltimore has scored at least 20 points.

They’ll get a chance to extend the streak to 32 next Sunday night, against the Patriots.

8 responses to “Ravens set record with 31 straight 20-point games

  1. Lamar has regressed a bit this year, but the front office traded Hayden Hurst (very underrated) and really didn’t replace him with a solid veteran receiver. They did spend 3rd and 6th round picks on WR’s but rookies take a while to find their way. As a Raven’s fan I can tell you nothing has electrified the fan base like Lamar- Baltimore loves him.

  2. Ushering Lamar into the starting lineup really galvanized this team late in 2018. They were dead in the water with Flacco at 4-5. 2 seasons later, they’ve accumulated an overall record of 26-7. That’s unheard of. Playoff success be damned, so much of an upgrade from Flacco. He may have never have had a one-and-done in the playoffs but half the battle is reaching the playoffs. After the Super Bowl, they only ever reached the playoffs once more and only had 2 winning records. It was time to cut the chord. Lamar is a project throwing the ball who we’re watching grow in front of our very eyes. I saw growth through the air in the fourth quarter last week and in the overall game today. He shares an unfair brunt of criticism too. Outside of Mark Andrews, there aren’t really any credible receiving threats and the line is not great this year, what with the retirement of Yanda and the injured to Stanley and Phillips.

  3. How many did they score when it mattered most in the playoffs against the Titans? Yeah, 12.

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