Report: Pete Carroll agrees to extension with Seahawks

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Pete Carroll is in his 11th season as the head coach of the Seahawks and that number is set to continue growing for a while.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Carroll has agreed to a multiyear extension with the team. The deal was reportedly agreed to some time ago and is believed to tie Carroll to Seattle through the 2025 season.

Carroll went 6-10 as the Jets’ head coach in 1994 and compiled a 27-21 record over three years with the Patriots before moving to the college ranks at USC. He won big with the Trojans and got back into the NFL in 2010. He went 7-9 in each of his first two seasons, but has rattled off eight straight winning seasons and has the Seahawks 6-1 going into Sunday’s game.

Carroll’s overall record in Seattle 106-60-1 and he has gone 10-7 in the playoffs, including a win in Super Bowl XLVIII.

16 responses to “Report: Pete Carroll agrees to extension with Seahawks

  1. Not a Seahawk fan but this is a good move one would think. Despite his running away from USC to avoid legal issues, Pete has proven himself to be a good NFL coach except for goal lines call in the SB.

  2. Well deserved. You never how these great college coaches will transition to the pro ranks and Pete has done an awesome job. The legion of boom has come and gone yet this dude is still thriving.

  3. Not a Carroll fan but to bring is age into question. C’mon man? Compared to younger physical specimens like Andy Reid, Matt Patricia, Bruce Arians or Belicheck? He’s in better shape than more than half HC’S in the league and he’s the oldest if I’m not mistaken.

  4. Whhhyyy??? This just doesn’t seem like all that great of a signing to me. I mean Pete Carroll was originally hired for his defensive genius. That worked at first back years ago when SEA had a good defense but SEA has had a defense worth fearing in years now. And this 2020 version of SEA defense is the worst fans have seen out of SEA in decades as it was on pace to allow the most yardage in NFL History. JS And PC have drafted horribly as well over the last 3-4yrs hitting on basically no one and somehow getting worse defensively. Ken Norton Jr should of been fired at the end of last season yet somehow he is still the DC in SEA.

    Everything related to Pete Carroll is an absolute mess right now in SEA yet they for some reason extended him right now.The only reason SEA is any good at all is because they have the best QB in the NFL in Russell Wilson and some very nice pieces around him and the Schottenheimer system is a really good fit with the best they have available. Will it be enough to actually win the NFC-W who knows well have to wait and see.

  5. Pete may be the oldest coach in the NFL but he is evolved with letting Russell carry the offense. I think they did it the second half of 2015 but kinda moved back into the run first approach.

    I love that he is extended because with Pete you’re always in the hunt for the playoffs. I remember the Tim Ruskell/Jim Mora Jr. era after Holmgren and don’t ever want to experience that kinda thing again.

  6. The Patriots were another team always in the playoffs, until this year. Let’s see how Pete does once he loses Russell.

  7. I wouldn’t mind if my team’s coach had been in place that long and had that record. Forget his age, this guy is full of energy all the time and raring to go.

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