Titans shut down Nick Foles and the Bears

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How bad was Bears quarterback Nick Foles today? So bad that if Mitchell Trubisky were healthy, Foles probably would have been benched.

But Trubisky was out with a shoulder injury, so the Bears stuck with Foles, who was terrible in a 24-17 loss to the Titans. Although Foles’ final numbers didn’t look bad, the Bears really didn’t start moving the ball until garbage time, after the Titans had an insurmountable fourth quarter lead.

Their third consecutive loss drops the Bears to 5-4, and a team that had legitimate playoff aspirations a few weeks ago suddenly doesn’t look like a safe bet to make the playoffs at all.

The Titans’ offense wasn’t great either, but it didn’t need to be with the defense shutting the Bears down and also getting a 63-yard touchdown on a fumble return by Desmond King, who just arrived in a trade with the Chargers.

Tennessee snapped a two-game losing streak and is now 6-2 and appears to be the favorite to win the AFC South. This defense is good, but unfortunately won’t get to play against Foles every week.

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  1. Today in Nashville the Bears offense looks like they are all trying out for non-speaking crowd roles in the Walking Dead. Bears were down 10 zip at the half and it seemed like they were down 35 to 0. The 2nd half made the Bears 1st half performance seem outstanding. If Foles cashes his paycheck this week he is guilty of larceny by trick,

    Bear fans have seen this script so often it seems like Groundhog Day part 2, Good defense combined with the offensive trifecta of doom (no QB, really poor O-line, and horrible coaching) that deep-down fans believe nothing will change unless things get much worse. On a positive note the Bears seem to have mastered the false start. Bears well on track to go 5 and 5 and then really down hill.

  2. From 5-1 to 5-4 just like that. With this horrific offense I’m not sure the Bears will even finish .500 record.

  3. It’s unfortunate that Mitch couldn’t help them with being injured. But in all actuality, they never should’ve made the change at QB. I hope he rebounds somewhere.

  4. Is Pace crazy? For a Nick Foles QB to work in today’s NFL you need a good run game for play-action, an organized and efficient OL, and really great tight ends to make the dink and dunk work. At no time in the last 5 years have the Bears been anything close to that so what happens: FOLES LOOKS TERRIBLE and who is surprised? At least the owners I would hope.

  5. I guess all of the people ready to get Foles’ bust ready for Canton can calm down…

  6. Whos surprised by this? The Bears are a .500 team. Even when they were 5-1 they were stil a .500 team. Better than average D, near the bottom on O. Like iowahbr said, they have to have a run game to be even respectable and they just dont have it.

  7. Is it Foles? Or the garbage O line? Last week every other play he was just trying not to get killed. I didn’t see today.

  8. 14 of the points were in garbage time. Defense on allowed 17 points. What an sorry offense. I believe that they should tank and dump Nagy and Pace.

  9. anyone else notice Nagy, the smartest guy in the room and genius play caller and designer was all game clutching his playcard and sharpie and letting the playclock almost run to zero each time, all the while covering his mouth while wearing a mask? dude nobody can read your lips while wearing a mask. and a third grader could figure out what you’re going to call on fourth and two…..

  10. Of all the QBs in free agency the Bears with a SB caliber defense went with Nick Foles…

  11. It was more the OL than it was Foles today, but they both sucked.

    Nothing will ever change, until the McCaskeys sell.

  12. Hoping Pace and Nagy are gone. It’s hard to attribute any success of the team to those two, considering Fangio built a Super Bowl D and the Offense rode the coat tails.

    I hope someone at the top is recognizing the fluke we saw in 2018. Legit hoping to be sub .500 to move up in draft order.

    What a mess.

  13. Today was the Rams game repeated. The Bears were out of it from the 4th and 1 turn over on downs in quarter 1. I hope that Nagy understands this team is psychologically beat on offense and absent new blood is likely to get worse. Offensive stats from garbage time mean nothing. Between Trubisky and Foles Pace is already done and out the door.

  14. Part of me has to respect Nagy for going all in with (1) his offense and (2) his quarterback.

    But that’s a very small part. The other part, the much larger part, knows that it’s time to end the experiment with Pace and Nagy.

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