Bruce Arians criticizes Tom Brady, again

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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians continues to show that there are no sacred cows in Tampa Bay. There are no sacred GOATs, either.

Although Arians hasn’t directly said quarterback Tom Brady played poorly on Sunday night, Arians has made several comments that point back to Brady as the reason for some of the many issues with which the Bucs were dealing in a 38-3 loss to the Saints.

Asked by reporters on Monday whether the game included situations of Brady and the receivers not reading the coverages similarly, Arians said this: “The interception to [Antonio Brown] — that was just a poor throw.”

As to an interception on a throw to receiver Chris Godwin, Arians was more subtle, by his standards.

“The one to Chris [Godwin] — Chris read the route properly, [but] Tom thought he was going deep,” Arians said. “He stopped [and] those things can happen sometimes when you’re doing it on the run.”

Arians offered another backhanded critique of Brady when asked to explain whether the offense isn’t making an effort to get receiver Mike Evans more involved.

“Mike was open a bunch in that ballgame,” Arians said. “He didn’t get targeted — that was all. Mike was open.”

In assessing Antonio Brown‘s debut, Arians said that, on the first third down of the game, “[W]e should have went to him [but] decided to go to Gronk.”

Again, Arians never comes out and says that Brady played poorly. The various comments, taken together, paint an inescapable portrait as unflattering as that notorious courtroom sketch: Arians thinks Brady played poorly.

Of course, Brady did play poorly. If he doesn’t turn it around quickly, the Buccaneers won’t be in the playoffs this year.

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  1. I think having Gronk has been a hindrance to TB12, he goes to him far too often (usually incomplete) when there are more open receivers out there.

  2. Let’s not hate on Bruce for being candid, it’s a rare thing to find in the canned NFL press conferences of today.

  3. Arians sure talks a lot for a head coach who never won anything. He sure is no Belichick.

  4. Total waste of 50 million dollars on a QB who is past his prime. Brady never appreciated Belicheck but I can’t ever remember him being called out, for that matter any player being called out….by Coach Bill. In fact, the typical response would always be “We need to coach better play better and just do our jobs” It doesn’t sound fancy but he’s never letting on what he thinks until you are no longer on the team for whatever reason…ability or simply replaceable for less money.

  5. I’m sure Brady agrees with the criticism. He’s not like 95% of players in the NFL that get their feelings hurt unless everyone kisses their backside. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the Bucs this season.

  6. I repeat:

    Brady chose a weaker OL, run game, coaching and defense. He willingly chose it.


    The pattern had held. Brady thinks it’s about him and defenses know it. That’s why Allen was so confident in his gameplan.

    It’s also why Patricia, Crennel, Vrabel and Joe Judge did what they did to him….They all know Brady’s true desires off the ego.

  7. Play Leonard Fournette more. Jones is good and should get the ball but he clearly doesnt understand what Brady needs out of a runningback on passing downs. He needs a blocker and a safety valve dump off. Fournette is a vicious blocker and keeps his head on a swivel immediately. Jones cant block and doesnt know how to run dump off routes. Many Brady sacks and knockdowns saw Jones ignoring pass rushers and flying downfield into the same coverage that the Bucs receivers were blanketed by.

  8. That loss is going to leave a mark and with how fragile the locker room probably already was, adding Brown isn’t going to help. Wouldn’t surprise me if this team finishes 9-7.

  9. Interesting that Brady played the whole game, until it was time for that last kneel down. Then Gabbert gets put in for the “We surrender” play. Ego wouldn’t allow Brady to wave the white flag, along with the added negative one yard loss on the rushing stat sheet.

  10. “If he doesn’t turn it around quickly, the Buccaneers won’t be in the playoffs this year.”

    That sounds like a comment about a QB who just put up his fourth consecutive 3 INT game in losses. In the 7 games prior to this one, Tampa Bay is 6-1. Brady’s stats are:
    181 of 272, 66.5 comp%, 1,950 yds, 18TDs, 2INTs, 106.4 QB Rating. He played a bad game, but he is still having a hell of a season. All the experts were picking them to go to the SB prior to this game, and now the comment is he better turn it around like they are on a 4 game losing streak. They’ll go 5-2 down the stretch to finish at 11-5. Worst case scenario, 10-6.

  11. Everybody knows that Brady, and many others in the team, had an awful game but true leaders don’t throw individual players under the bus more so when the team failed at all levels (including a dumb coach challenge) and the Saints could have rolled up the scoreboard into the 50’s.

  12. Wasn’t it just last week that everybody on the planet proclaimed that it was Brady and Brady alone who delivered the Patriots’ six Super Bowl rings?

    Wasn’t it just last week that Rex Ryan proclaimed that he would have won seven Super Bowl rings with Brady at QB?

    I guess now it’s NEITHER Brady nor Belichick who was responsible.

  13. Arians seems to have a problem with Brady. Gronk and Brown. I’m guessing he didnt want the 3 of them. Either way I cant remember Arians EVER being at fault for any loss in Pitts, Az or Tampa. He doesnt have any rings and all 3 were good enough win one while he was, maybe he’s the problem?

  14. Brady was under extreme pressure all evening. Yet Arians wants him to throw deep with no time to do so. Bad game plan and bad [no] adjusting. But as Brees said, these kind of games do happen and we maybe read too much into one game…

  15. Brady was under pressure the entire game. When was the last time a QB was sacked 3 times in a row?

  16. What game was Arians watching? After 20 years and winning the most games in NFL history, it seems like a stretch that suddenly Brady has forgotten how to read coverage. Brady was running for his life the whole game, and no coach thought to add a sixth lineman? Offensive game plan was basically just that….pretty offensive. Team wasn’t prepared to play this game.

  17. As a Pats fan I can say this. Brady is a rhythm QB. If you get him off his game he can look pretty pedestrian. If you let him find that rhythm, watch out. Just ask the Giants and the Ravens. A lot of success against him from those teams. If you can get pressure, rushing with 4 (or less) he can’t read the defenses as well. The Pats defense is smoke and mirrors. I’n not taking away from it but it is successful when it causes QB’s to stop and think. You do that to Brady and he has trouble. Historically he was really good against even good D’s but certain ones made his life miserable and as he got older, the success was harder to come by.

  18. I know Mike Evans has been dinged up, but fOr crying out loud,GET HIM THE BALL!!!

  19. priority for the bucs is to make the playoffs healthy and establish an identity. Matchup wise only the rams and saints have the edge over them in the nfc. On that note expect the rams to make light work of the bucs in the upcoming game

  20. Two things: Lattimore can handle Evans. He wanders off in other games. But he and Evans have a history . Second, ironically Brady was interested in coming to NO had Brees retired to take the TV job. His reps talked to Payton and had Brees. hung them up I think Brady would have done it.

  21. If Arians wants to state the obvious he might want to include his own horrible game plan and inability to make adjustments. Some coaches think running the ball will slow down a pass rush.

  22. Its funny how everyone comes out of the woodwork when Brady has a bad game (and last night was bad) but its been crickets for the past 6 weeks when he looked like Brady in his prime. If 20 years has told us anything, Brady will be fine. The Bucs will be exactly what they are, a wild card team that doesn’t make it that far. The defense is very inconsistent. One game they shut down Aaron Rodgers and the next Daniel Jones marches down the field at will.

  23. I’m a big of fan Brady as there is out there. I don’t have memory of the NFL prior to Brady. But last night’s game was horrible – worse than the 2014 Chiefs game by a good mile. Brady deserves all the credit that goes his way when the team is winning and should deserve the blame when it doesn’t – especially after a night like that. Everyone has a bad game … just his was last night and fans and coaches should be critical. I’m sure Brady is even harder on himself.

  24. Evans has talent. But he’s never seen the likes of OSU DBs like Lattimore. That’s why he cheap-shotted him.

    Evans is going the way of LBJ; the best WR never to live up to his potential.

  25. Arians loves to talk but hates saying he did anything wrong so there’s always some player getting the blame. Remember that they ran a total of 5 times that entire game. I don’t care how far they were behind you can’t have a poor O-line and a 43-year old QB and just announce to the defense that every play is going to be a pass. And playing Brady to the end of the game was absolutely stupid like Arians was just daring him to get hurt playing late in a blowout.

  26. If he doesn’t turn it around quickly, the Buccaneers won’t be in the playoffs this year.

    What? They’re 6-2. There will be 7 or 8 playoff teams in the NFC. I don’t think they’re in any danger of missing the playoffs and I’m sure Brady won’t play like this in every game for the rest of the season.

  27. I was at the game. Brady looked old and at times confused. The decline has begun. That being said the playcalling was atrocious.

  28. blessedunliketherest says:
    November 9, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    “. . . The defense is very inconsistent. One game they shut down Aaron Rodgers and the next Daniel Jones marches down the field at will.”

    Ain’t that the truth. I got a really bad feeling about the Bucs after the Giants game.

  29. I hope that it’s just that sometimes teams just don’t line up well against each other.

    During Brady’s time in NE, Buffalo had 4-32 record.
    Steelers had an equally bad record vs Patriots 4-12 but had a winning record against most other teams.

    Counting this year, in the last 22 games (2010s to present), Saints have beaten the Bucs 16-6.

  30. I am the biggest Brady fan there is and he played v badly. However, his o-line didn’t hold up and they ran the ball 5 times – what did they think was going to happen? No QB would have played well.

    I am new to watching Bruce Arians but its pretty obvious he loves to chirp others while taking no blame. The lack of adjustments was the worst coaching I have ever seen and the blank stare on his face all game really made me question his abilities. And Bowles and Leftwich are not without blame either

  31. They report these like Brady is actually hurt by the criticism lol. I’m sure there’s more going on in the locker room and meetings itself. Brady does not care, he would be the first to point out his mistakes and poor play last week. If anything I hope this lights a fire under that whole team, seemed like the Bucs were NFC champs in their minds already, they better shape up after this week, coaching staff included.

  32. Brady could have pointed out the stupidity of the coaching on both sides of the ball. He could have pointed out the bush league play of his OL. He could have pointed out that Brees had all day to pass from a huge pocket. But Brady doesn’t do that. He just gets back to work.

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