Bruce Arians on blowout loss to Saints: “They kicked our ass in every phase”

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The Saints are having fun with the fact that so many media members picked the Buccaneers to win last night’s game. The joke ultimately is on the Buccaneers, who were picked by most to win the game for very good reasons.

The Buccaneers in recent weeks obliterated the Packers (who beat the Saints on a Sunday night in Week Three), and the Buccaneers have blown the Raiders off the field. The Saints have struggled with inferior teams in what had been a four-game (now five-game) winning streak, most recently allowing an overmatched Bears team to force overtime last weekend and entering a game on a windy night with Drew Brees having a banged-up shoulder.

So what happened?

“It was shocking,” Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians told reporters after the 38-3 loss. “To know just watch[ing] us practice, the way we practiced all week, the confidence we had coming in. . . . I give New Orleans credit. They kicked our ass in every phase. . . . Everything. Offense, defense, special teams.”

The Buccaneers generally aren’t happy with the ass-kicking they absorbed.

“Everybody’s pissed off,” Arians said. “But too late now, we’ve got to get ready for Carolina. . . . [The loss] can’t carry over to Wednesday. It has to be gone by Monday, and hit the practice field and get ready for Carolina.”

Indeed they do. With a 5-3 record and several challenging games left on the schedule, it now becomes very difficult to win the division. The Buccaneers now have to worry about jostling with the likes of the Rams, the Cardinals, the 49ers, and maybe even the Vikings for the three wild-card spots in the NFC.

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  1. It was laughable how much AB had to slow down for Brady’s deep ball. He is the worst deep ball thrower in the league.

  2. Could see this coming, maybe not as lopsided as it was but that team is super overrated. They’re going to end up similar to the eagles dream team, much better overall but similar in the sense of expectations not being realistic. You can’t just throw talent at a wall & expect it all to just work out perfectly

  3. Watching the Bucs a few times this season, it seems clear to me that the Bucs are a sloppy, undisciplined team. They miss assignments. They don’t always tackle well. They still may be more talented than the Saints, but the Saints were better prepared, focused, and disciplined in their play yesterday. They took the Bucs very seriously and knew they had to come with their A game to win. Maybe the Bucs got a bit full of themselves. Maybe they dismissed their first Saints loss as the product of early season clunkiness and that they were on the road. Maybe, playing at home, they came into the game thinking they had the advantage. For whatever reason, they did not respect the Saints as they should have and it showed.

  4. Tampa Bay will recover, but the Saints put together a blueprint of how to stop this defense.

    Have a minimal rush, but just enough to keep Tampa Bay honest in case they try to run the ball more. But limit the middle, and don’t throw allow the 15-20 yard pass.

    If Brady had been accurate the Saints were willing to give him a 5 yard completion outside the numbers, but he has been in the league long enough to know you can only throw so many of those a game.

    Carolina will be a tough game. If Tampa Bay doesn’t adjust they could lose that one too.

  5. The saints, saints fans, have every right to laugh at us now – the Bucs are going to deserve all that shade and then some. That was nothing short of a disgrace last night. Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles got clowned, with zero adjustments. All these superstars, and they come out unprepared, made no adjustments and got straight up punched in the face. “Super Bowl “ teams do not lose like THAT. What an embarrassment. Congrats to saints fans, no excuses. Saying we got our asses kicked is actually underselling what went down last night

  6. He had a look on his face as if he was totally lost every time the camera was trained on him.

  7. Leonard Fournette should clearly be the lead back with Jones only spelling him. Jones is maybe better at running out of the shotgun, but as a power runner, receiver, and passblocker Fournette is clearly superior. Everytime Brady gets sacked you see Jones booking it thru the flats failing to get open after having offered nothing as a blocker. Fournette gets it, you shove a pass rusher then immediately look for a dump off.

  8. Warnings were out. A 43 year old with slowing feet and 7-10 step drops to bide time for the longer routes, is not Brady’s thing.

    Ignoring a run game or having a bad one, a weaker OL than in NE and the ego chase for stats are all massive fails.

    That game was a microcosm as to why BB got rid of Brady. He got tired trying to rein that ego in every offseason.

  9. That’s football. They could play next week and the Bucs kick their arse. Could it be they were all sitting back waiting for Antonio Brown to take over? The Steelers are 8-0 without him.

  10. AB was not ready to play. He’s in shape, obviously, but he and Brady were not on the same page. AB wasn’t familiar with the play that was called.

    The interception was caused by Brady calling a go-route, and AB running a comeback route. That was easy pickings for the defense.

  11. Funniest part is Arians talking like his teams coming out unprepared is something unheard of and totally unexpected. Check out his history, especially in the playoffs with the Cardinals. This is Arians’ MO.

  12. I am not a fan of either team. It does seem that most good teams have a few ‘stinkers’ in the course of a season.

    What counts for both teams is the record at the end of the regular season.

  13. Total beatdown in all phases! Buccaneer’s are over rated a bunch! Saints will win the division again sorry Tommy boy

  14. Just what you don’t want to hear from the self proclaimed maven of football Arians.
    Yes Bruce, we all watched the Saints throttle the Buc’s in every phase of the game Sunday Night. How about Bruce coaches better and simply keeps his big mouth shut. Please try to work on saying nothing or as little as possible and spend more time correcting every part of the game using the players you have.

  15. You might could try giving the ball Leonard Fournette on the goal line Bruce.

    The film and the stats suggest he’s pretty good at it.

  16. “Everything. Offense, defense, special teams.”

    He forgot coaching. They got outcoached in every phase as well, but you won’t hear that from Bruce Almighty

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