Falcons waive Takk McKinley

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Takk McKinley wanted out of Atlanta. He’s gotten his wish.

The Falcons announced Monday that they have waived McKinley, a linebacker who was their first-round draft pick in 2017.

McKinley claimed on social media that the Falcons turned down multiple trade offers for him. if that’s the case, they made a big mistake, because they’re getting nothing for him now.

Falcons coach Raheem Morris said McKinley would be held accountable for his social media posts. Cutting him is apparently the way to do that.

McKinley will now be available on waivers for any team that thinks a change of scenery is what he needs.

12 responses to “Falcons waive Takk McKinley

  1. Giving him what he wanted in the first place doesn’t sound like my idea of holding him accountable but what do I know.

  2. Wow!! Could’ve traded him and got something but instead out of spite waive him so he can land on another bottom dweller. Classy move by a well run organization.

  3. Nobody was going to give up anything for him and take on an under-performing, immature problem. If Takk thinks he’s getting a big money contract next year, he’s fooling himself.

  4. Relax, they probably got offered conditional 6th or 7th round picks, which at the time didn’t present much value to Atlanta.

    Cicumstamces changed after his tweets.

    It’s not like they were still getting offers and decided to cut him because the offers stopped.

    Don’t be so righteous, some of you.

  5. good enough player to have a spot in your dline rotation. Falcons are in disarray so you hope that explains why he’s been a problem.

  6. On top of the fact that he is a lunatic he is always injured. A brittle, underperforming loudmouth is not a valuable commodity.

  7. Mouth way out ahead of performance. You want your team comprised of the opposite type of guys. Good luck to him, he might smell a league minimum deal from someone who’s really hurting. Falcons starting to turn corner and time to cut dead weight. Addition by subtraction, also sends good message to other guys.

  8. “good enough player to have a spot in your dline rotation. Falcons are in disarray so you hope that explains why he’s been a problem.”

    A rotational player doesn’t have the luxury to be a problem. Nobody is looking at this and saying this dude is the missing piece to their postseason run. I am sure he will get picked up but no team is going to just blame the Falcons for this situation. McKinley owns this one whether he admits it or not.

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