Jon Gruden: Isaiah Johnson got his NFL baptism Sunday

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Raiders cornerback Isaiah Johnson played 30 snaps on defense over the first eight weeks of the season, but he saw a big spike in playing time on Sunday.

Johnson, a 2019 fourth-round pick, was pushed into the lineup after injuries to Trayveon Mullen and Keisean Nixon and he was in the middle of two huge plays at the end of the game. He broke up a Justin Herbert pass to Mike Williams in the end zone and then was able to knock the ball out of Donald Parham‘s control on the final play of the game.

Johnson said that he “absolutely” knew the Chargers would be coming his way because he hasn’t “had the opportunity to put that many snaps on film” this year. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said the way Johnson stepped up in the moment was a big piece of his development.

“He got baptized today in the NFL,” Gruden said, via Paul Gutierrez of “Thank goodness for Isaiah Johnson and his length. You’ve got to give him credit.”

Johnson had six tackles to go with the two breakups and he could be in line for more playing time in the future after helping seal the fifth win of the Raiders season.

6 responses to “Jon Gruden: Isaiah Johnson got his NFL baptism Sunday

  1. Mullen 1, Arnette 2 (when he returns) and Johnson 3. Move Joyner to S in sub-packages and give his nickel snaps to Robertson. I think Lawson has had more than enough time to look awful in this defense. Time to move him to 5 behind Nixon. Better yet, just move Lawson to the waiver wire.

  2. The Raiders actually now have four lock down corners. Mullen, Arnette, Johnson, and Amik Robertson. The more they play, the more it becomes apparent. Throw in Jonathan Abram, and the Raiders have perhaps the best secondary in the league. Gruden is building a great roster. They’re all very young and improving every week. You have to remember Gruden inherited a team that had one winning season in the previous 15 seasons, so this is a complete tear down and re-build. Nice job by Gruden, as the Raiders look poised for an easy 10 win season.

  3. Claiming our Raiders have the best secondary in the league is abit foolish atm, but i will say the improvements theyve made are very noticeable at this point in the season. Mullen gets better every week and Abrams is making less boneheaded plays aswell. We lack legitimate speed on the top side of the defense though and its apparent when teams wheel out their speedy gadget players to draw the safeties deep. I think thats where in 3 wide sets Joyner has to replace Erik Harris over top and we gotta get Robertson playing the slot (when were completely healthy.) This coming up draft were gonna need to draft a super athletic safety and young olineman if we wanna keep progressing. A true passrush threat wouldnt hurt either.

  4. I’m a Raiders fan but lets be realistic, best secondary in the league ? The young CB’s need experience and will go through some growing pains this year. However i’m happy about the future of the young secondary as they should keep improving.

    Abrams one minute makes a great play and the next is out of position and allowing passes left right and centre.

    Considering the pass rush most weeks aren’t doing their job and pressuring the QB the young secondary is doing an okay job.

    The team has a lot of talent in many areas, next year they should compete for the AFC West title but this year i’ll be happy as anything if the Raiders make the playoffs. Have lots of young potential on their team but a year away from really doing something

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