Kyler Murray: We laid an egg

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray threw for 283 yards and three touchdowns while running for 106 yards and a touchdown on Sunday, but those numbers weren’t enough for the Cardinals to get a win over the Dolphins.

The Dolphins scored 10 points in the fourth quarter while Chase Edmonds was stopped on a fourth down to end one drive and Zane Gonzalez came up short on a field goal after an incompletion on third-and-1 that would have tied the game. The 34-31 loss kept the Cardinals from leapfrogging the Seahawks in the NFC West, but Murray said after the game that wasn’t front and center in his mind.

“Personally, I wasn’t really worry about first place in the division,” Murray said in his postgame press conference. “I don’t think anybody should be worried about that. I don’t think anybody should be worried about that. We came out here and laid an egg. We have to be better.”

Murray had converted a fourth-and-1 earlier in the game by running for 28 yards, so head coach Kliff Kingsbury faced questions about the plays they called in those late spots. He said he had “some bad calls late” and memories of them will linger for a bit as the Cardinals move on to face the Bills.

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  1. They didn’t lay an egg; they lost a close game largely because their kicker missed a makable kick.

    The Buccaneers laid an egg.

  2. Arizona will bounce back. Arizona being without several starters really cost them today particularly in the secondary without starting slot CB Byron Murphy who’s a stud that’s getting better every week along with corners Dre Kirkpatrick & Kevin Peterson. AZ really missed the edge presence of Devon Kennard to. Getting the secondary healthy will make all the difference in the world. Arizona has an elite offense that can score points against anybody so they don’t need to field an elite top 3 defense Arizona’s just needs to field a good very solid average to above average defense and they’ll be just fine. With all of the talent Arizona has on the defensive side of the ball AZ”s defense will be just fine, the Cardinals just need to get healthy defensively. AZ should have all of their starters back for this coming Sunday’s game as the guys who got COVID were all asymptomatic and doing very well with it since coming down positive.

  3. Waaa! My team was injured? The Dolphins had just as many injuries and in fact the majority of the team is a bunch of no-names. Kyler Murray will learn he needs to be a QB and not a flashy RB. The Dolphins only weakness is giving up yards to these RB-QB’s and that will be corrected as its proven that Lamar Jackson is being forced to throw. Tua is a mobile QB and their is a difference. It was a great game and fun to watch. The AFC East is no joke anymore, well at least the Bills and Dolphins aren’t.

  4. What was Kyler’s QB rating in this game…? 150+? He’s in the hunt for MVP knuckleheads.

  5. The Cardinals played great football. The Dolphins just played better, thats not how I would use the term “laid an egg”.

  6. They scored 31 points on a top 5 defense in the NFL… how is this “laying an egg”? The Dolphins just out played them… time to show respect.

  7. Kyler needs to grow up! Such a big baby who doesn’t even have the courtesy like every NFL “good sport” player, who walks across the field after the game to shake hands with the other team players! Then I watched his postgame press conference, “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. BIG BABY

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