Nick Foles on offensive struggles: If I had the answer, we wouldn’t be here

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Sunday’s loss to the Titans was the third in a row for a Bears team that opened the season with a 5-1 record and the chief reason for the spiral has been the ineffectiveness of the offense.

The 24-17 final score was a bit misleading as 14 Bears points and 155 of their 375 yards came when they were down 21 points in the fourth quarter of the game. The struggles have been a recurring theme and it’s clear that something needs to change, but quarterback Nick Foles wasn’t able to put his finger on what needs to be different.

“If I had that answer, we probably wouldn’t be here,” Foles said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “The only thing I can say is that we have to continue to keep working. I don’t know what you all expect me to say. But other than [that] I believe we that we have to keep working at it and keep grinding and keep figuring out what we want to do and how we want to do it. That’s the only way to be, because quite frankly, we’re the ones in it.”

Suggestions about possible fixes have included questions about changing playcallers and head coach Matt Nagy said on Sunday that they’ll “look at everything” heading into a Week 10 Monday night game against the Vikings.

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  1. Pace should explain to Nagy that his offense sucks, you were brought he to develop a QB and a top 10 offense, you done neither, your fired.

  2. Trubisky is like: “Well, I tried to tell you it was never my fault.”

    I’d fire Nagy and hire Eric Bieniemy. That’s all the help you will get from me Chicago.👋



  3. The Titans D got burned last week by a rookie QB, without his starting O-Line and Rb. So, the answer to Nick’s question is, ” you are streaky QB, which is why you are playing for your 4th or 5th team.” Right now, you are on the bad streak.

  4. Mahommes behind the Bears current line would look awful. If you have a great OL and DL, your team generally looks pretty good. A QB who has less than 2 seconds to make a throw and a RB who gets the ball handed to them with an opposing jersey standing right to them will look bad. The Bears lost three starters and then several of their backups. They weren’t a great line before that, they certainly aren’t going to e better without them.

  5. the answer is simple, they have to figure out how to get matt stafford out of detroit. he’s the only good qb that COULD be available in the off season. the lions shouldnt care about the division factor, by the time they rebuild and are competitive stafford will be done.
    then, draft an o-lineman with every pick in the draft and let them compete for jobs. dont waste the d

  6. I think maybe it’s just time to realize that the Bears are just not as good as the 5-1 record indicated.

    In those first 6 games, they got beat by the only truly GOOD team, and BARELY beat 4 teams with a losing record.

    And even the Win over the Bucs now looks like not much of an accomplishment based on last night’s exposure of that team.

    So, maybe they “are who we thought they were”… 🙂

  7. So, instead of continuing to evaluate a young, athletic QB who was 3-0 and still has potential upside, we’re now just shrugging our shoulders as Foles continues to be who he’s been throughout his career except for one magical, partial season in Philly.

    At least Trubisky can run for first downs and keep drives alive when the OL falls apart. Foles is a statue.

  8. Nick Foles is a “good” quarterback. His problem is that his performance is very streaky. His second problem is that his bad streaks are more frequent and longer than the good ones.

  9. NO O line protection. He had people in his face all day but the run game has disappeared too so the defenses have nothing to do but pass rush. Seems to be working. Foles looks lost. Looks like he would rather be on a beach somewhere.

  10. Nagy is a QB killer but Foles wasnt very good to begin with. I’ll bet anything that Trubisky will look like a first round pick when hes on a different team with a different coach

  11. Nagy is the issue and always will be. At its very peak, his offense will avoid losing the game. That’s the absolute ceiling and when its not at its peak it WILL lose you the game.

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