Pete Carroll: I don’t have any place in my brain for how our defense played

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was shocked to see how badly his defense played in Sunday’s loss to the Bills.

After seeing his team give up 44 points and 420 yards, Carroll said he could hardly comprehend what the Bills’ offense did to his defense.

“I don’t recognize that game. We haven’t seen us look like that. It’s a game that I don’t have any place in my brain for it,” Carroll said, via the Seattle Times. “They made it look easy.”

Carroll said he still believes that once the Seahawks have everybody healthy and on the same page, the defense can be a lot better.

“All kinds of things give me hope,” he said. “What gives me hope is that we’re going to get better, and we’re gonna do better. There’s a lot of guys who played together for the first time.”

They could hardly get much worse.

9 responses to “Pete Carroll: I don’t have any place in my brain for how our defense played

  1. Your defense has looked that bad all season. It’s just that your offense isn’t playing as well.

  2. lets see if teams copy buffalo and shrug off the idea of running the ball and go nuts on that secondary.

  3. Pete’s loyalty is downright exhausting at times. Ken Norton Jr. is not a DC in this league and it has been proven time and again. The Defense has steadily gone downhill since he took over and is literally historically bad this year, and Pete continues to defend Norton and has stated on more than one occasion that no change will be coming.

    This is Tom Cable all over again.

  4. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the press release on Sunday morning that Pete got a contract extension. Maybe Pete’s brain wasn’t entirely on the Bills last week.

  5. Come on Pete. Really? How many games have you won this season simply due to Wilson being superman?
    Answer is MOST of them.
    The defense has been bad all season.

    Nobody has scored less than 26 points on you and you have not beaten a single team that currently has a winning record.

    As Russell Wilson goes, so go the Seahawks.

  6. Pete is actually admitting that he doesn’t see how bad his defense really is. This is keeping in line with the fact that he doesn’t make in-game adjustments. He’s in some serious denial. He’s lucky to have a QB like Wilson to save him.

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