Steelers-Cowboys game draws biggest NFL crowd of 2020 season

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The NFL has gotten through nine weeks of the 2020 season with all games played that were supposed to be played. The league also has capped Week Nine with its biggest in-person crowd of the year.

Via Sports Business Daily, Dallas had 31,700 present for Sunday’s 24-19 loss to the Steelers.

In all, nine stadiums hosted fans on Sunday, ranging from 15,740 for Sunday night’s Saints-Buccaneers game to 3,000 in Washington for the team’s latest loss to the Giants.

Six games had at least 10,000 fans present.

These attendance figures come at a time when the virus is spreading like never before. Which further underscores the disconnect between the pandemic and the manner in which many are handling it.

That’s not an editorial comment; it’s a fact. Right or wrong, plenty of people don’t care about the public-health crisis. Which, frankly, is one of the reasons it continues to be a crisis.

12 responses to “Steelers-Cowboys game draws biggest NFL crowd of 2020 season

  1. Sucks for cowboys fans because Jerry sees that stat as a win, as much as a win on the field. Which basically means you’ll get more of the same in upcoming years.

  2. Daily new deaths yesterday was 512. New Deaths has remained steady (mostly in the 500-1000 range) since June. Daily new cases has risen from 25,000 to 125,000 during that time. This is great news as it appears that the population, through frequent minor exposures is starting to build antibodies to the virus making it a far less deadly (but still very serious) problem. Better medical care may also be credited (no one really knows for sure).

  3. I’m of the thinking that the virus is never going away without a vaccine. Everyone has their own risk levels. I’m not going to an NFL game, but to a certain degree our lives must continue in a certain fashion while we wait for a vaccine. We can’t sit here paralyzed for 3 years. But its a great time to talk about our health as a country. We should all be eating and drinking healthier and exercising more

  4. 6ringsnewengland says:
    November 9, 2020 at 9:38 am
    another gift wrapped by Tony Corrente and crew for the Steelers – what a joke

    Wow, rather that cheering for your patriots, it looks like your season will be spent just hoping and praying the steelers lose. Must suck for you. And by the way, I think the patriots have been the benefactor of many calls over the years. Tuck rule? The bad call vs the jags in the 2017 afc championship game on their fuble recovery for a td? Shoot, I even remember brady calling for a flag because a defender dove in the area of his legs without even making contact. . . .and he got that flag! With no contact whatsoever.

  5. Steelers playing third road game and after playing last week their biggest rival , may have not been pretty but Ben did it again in fourth quarter against a team tired of losing and hearing it from the press. Jerry must be banging his head against the wall, not only loosing but all the towels from the Steelers in his stadium.

  6. 6ringsnewengland says:
    November 9, 2020 at 9:38 am
    another gift wrapped by Tony Corrente and crew for the Steelers – what a joke

    If anyone should comment about cheating, it definitely should not be coming from a patriot’s fan.

  7. Good for Jerry Jones, thats what he cares most about, other peoples attention. Sound familiar???

  8. What an Officiating Crew!! Where do they get these people? Four bad calls can take away a win from any team! Goodell, putaway your whip and Suspension Forms and pay attention to the officiaating crews!

  9. I thought it was a very strangely called game offensively for the Steelers. They were never down by a lot but the personnel and play calling was as if they were down by three+ scores. For awhile there in the second half I thought Conner must have been injured but nope, just a strange almost run-n-shoot game plan with an immobile/hurt QB.

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