Taysom Hill has his best game of the season

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It took eight games, but Saints quarterback Taysom Hill finally played on Sunday night like he did in the 2019 playoffs, when he was the best player on the field in an overtime loss to the Vikings.

Hill completed two of two passes for 48 yards in New Orleans’ 38-3 blowout of the Buccaneers. He led the team in rushing, gaining 54 yards on seven carries. He added another 21 yards on a reception.

He did this with only 19 total snaps on offense.

Beyond the numbers, Hill continues to demonstrate a running style that serves as a constant warning to defenders to get out of the way. And they do, hitting him low if at all because they don’t want to get blown up by this bull in a butcher shop.

It remains to be seen whether Hill will continue to be featured in this same kind of capacity, or whether his contributions will be more cameo in nature. Regardless, the Saints have a potent weapon in Hill. He diversifies the offense, and he makes it more dangerous.

At 6-2 and with a favorable schedule in the second half of the season, the Saints once again are becoming very dangerous. After sweeping the Buccaneers, the Saints could end up being the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

9 responses to “Taysom Hill has his best game of the season

  1. Perhaps gives a bit more credibility to the idea of Hill being successor to Brees. Also hope this is an indicator of saints finishing strong for a change instead of fizzling out in latter part of the season like the last 3 or more.

  2. People keep hyping him as the mutation of Tyreek Hill, Drew Brees, and CJ2K all in one.

    I don’t see it. I see him as a Julian Edelman, Josh Cribbs, or Antwaan Randle-El who hasn’t been told he’s purely a wideout yet.

  3. when the saints run QB power with Taysom Hill running off the right tackle and the blockers succeed in getting Taysom to the 2nd level untouched you gotta hold your breath. Because he hits a 2nd gear of speed and is liable to truck somebody or hurdle somebody, and find paydirt. Inches away from a 2 score game last nite.

  4. I love the way Kittle and Taysom Hill run the ball. Like shadows of the great and unmatched Alstott.

  5. Taysom Hill is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL. A shame that a team like Dallas or Chicago did not trade for him. While it’s fun seeing him as the next Slash it’s time to make him a full time starting NFL quarterback. He is the NFC version of Lamar Jackson.

  6. Hill was playing on special teams last night and was in on at least one tackle. That’s crazy.

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