Todd Gurley got his money from the Rams on June 2

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The Rams have settled up with Todd Gurley.

It was one of the bizarre stories of the offseason. The Rams owed the former running back $5.05 million, a fully-guaranteed payment not subject to offset based on earnings elsewhere. But they didn’t pay him.

As of early May, Gurley hadn’t been paid — and he wasn’t bashful about saying so.

I still ain’t got my money, so it’s really, forget the Rams right now,” he said at the time. “I don’t even care about them. I told my ex-teammates that they can’t even text me or call me until I get my money. As soon as I get my money, then I’ll be cool with everybody else.”

He also said that he’d better have his money by June 1. As it turns out, he got it the next day.

Appearing on Monday’s PFT PM, Gurley said he got his check from the Rams on June 2.

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