Tyreek Hill: Patrick Mahomes has gotten a lot better

Getty Images

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the fastest player to 100 touchdown passes in NFL history when he threw his third touchdown pass of Sunday’s win over the Panthers.

That touchdown was caught by Tyreek Hill and Hill added another one before the day was out. He’s accounted for 26 of Mahomes’ touchdowns, which makes him a pretty seasoned observer of the quarterback’s work.

After the win, Hill shared his thought that the 2018 MVP is playing at a higher level than he has at any point in the past.

“The year that he threw the 50 touchdowns, he was amazing, obviously,” Hill said, via Nate Taylor of TheAthletic.com. “But this year, it’s like he’s seeing things differently. He’s doing more no-looks. He’s reading the defense better. He’s changing the play. He’s just great. He has gotten a lot better.”

Mahomes was 30-of-45 for 372 yards overall on Sunday and we’ll be seeing a lot more days like that if Hill’s correct about Mahomes’ trajectory.