Anthony Lynn: “I can’t remember a season like this”

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The Chargers have lost six games this season. All of them have been within a touchdown. Four of them came after they were winning by at least 10 points. Two of them were in overtime. Two of them came as time expired in regulation.

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn has never seen anything like it.

“I can’t remember a season like this in my whole football life,” Lynn said, via the Los Angeles Times. “It’s been a very strange season. But I know that when this is happening we can do something about it.”

Lynn is left to shake his head at all the different ways the Chargers have found to lose winnable games.

“I think we’ve lost every way that you can possibly lose,” Lynn said. “Hopefully, that’s over and we can get on a winning streak.”

Lynn may need a winning streak to save his job.

4 responses to “Anthony Lynn: “I can’t remember a season like this”

  1. Are the Chargers underachieving by failing to close these games, or overachieving by being in a position to win them in the first place? I haven’t seen enough to know that answer.

  2. And the Chargers nearly lost another one. In Week One, AJ Green of the Bengals caught the go-ahead TD in the final minute, only to have the TD taken away due to an offensive pass interference call. The Bengals then tried for the tying FG and their kicker yanked a chip shot that would have forced overtime.

  3. Lynn is a good coach and the offense is not the problem. Give him another year at least to keep developing Herbert and have a fully stocked D with Derwin James to see what it looks like. Firing him now and giving Herbert a whole new offense to learn in year 2 would be counterproductive.

  4. As a Raiders fan, I feel outright dread at the prospect of facing Herbert twice a year for the next 15 years. I see a guy with the potential to be the best QB they’re ever had. If I was a Chargers fan I’d actually be VERY HAPPY with where my team is, and I wouldn’t worry about this season’s record. I would be full of hope. And that sucks.

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